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My Frequent Date with the Mouse

My Frequent Date with the Mouse

Currently, these days of computing with GUI like MAC OS/X and Windows Vista, using a computer without a mouse would be like summing 1 and 2 and expecting 4 as a reply. Most of the applications that get developed these days expect the user to be comfortable with this point-and-click hardware more than keyboard and other accessories.

I have two little encounters (or experiences) or in romantic terms (date) with this point-and-click hardware. I had little problems with the mouse, which fell down and got damaged from the first floor about a month back. I had to allot some time to go to a computer shop and purchase one afresh.

Today I had another experience. For some reason, the workplace computer had divorced its mouse. When I unlocked my system, I found the mouse not working. It was actually detacted because someone seems to have pressed its tail hardly. I had to take some help from some one (since it was like a novel model) and get my system convinced for another healthy relationship with the mouse. Things work fine now. The voyage through Windows is now steering clear with the Captain Mouse.

There is another salient learning from these incidents. We should, as developers, ensure that our applications are geared to support the user with no point-and-click hardware. Most of the things are achievable with keyboard accelerators and touch-screen hardware right?
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Posted by Deepak Vasudevan

Renewal of Microsoft MVP Award

Renewal of Microsoft MVP Award

It was a pleasant surprise today morning to recieve an email from Microsoft MVPAward on their renewing my MVP for another year.

A few things to recall -- I have been MVP since 2003 respectively in the areas marked thereto:

  1. 2003-04: .NET Framework
  2. 2004-05: C#
  3. 2006-07: ASP/ASP.NET
  4. 2007-08: ASP/ASP.NET
  5. 2008-09: Just got renewed. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Microsoft MVP selection team for considering my humble contributions towards this recognition.
You can find my MVP Profile being linked to from the right navigation widget of this weblog.
Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Posted by Deepak Vasudevan

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