Overcoming Windows Block limitation of Downloaded Files

The biggest trouble at times with Microsoft Windows is that after downloading a file it blocks you from opening the same citing unavailability of its listing in Microsoft Store Screenshot below     Fortunately there is an easy way to address this situation. Locate the file where you have downloaded the same and navigate to properties. There will be a new checkbox called Unblock. Just select the same and click Apply/OK.   This tip is to overcome the limitation imposed by Microsoft Windows. However to make sure your computer is not inadvertently exposed to security risks, make sure there is a full fledged antivirus running in realtime to monitor all file activities.    

Soft way to peek into the other branch in GIT

 At times we may need to have a softer way to peek into the other branch of GIT particularly when trying to resolve Merge Conflicts with Azure DevOps because the latter does not have a friendly GUI for the same in its web-based Pull Request. The following quick GIT commandline would help in here handy: git pull --no-rebase origin   <desired branch name to pull from>

Bringing Comfort to Blogging

Next time you are choosing to blog WYSIWYG at the comfort of offline tool from your home, the disappearance of Windows Live Writer and similar set of tools should not disappoint you. I recently came across a Windows Live Writer look alike called Open Live Writer which is similar in power and potential like Windows Live Writer.

Workaround for Wi-Fi bug in Samsung

If you have used Samsung smart phones the most notably irritant that you might have encountered is connection to a WiFi network is just impossible when the Wi-Fi secure key (aka password) is less than eight characters. Not sure how this bug has been prevailing in so many different Samsung devices and has gone unnoticed by their design/developers team. Fortunately there is a workaround for this bug. There is a WiFi Manager app from Google PlayStore which helps to address it. It is actually a replacement for Wi-Fi component for Samsung. It does not require the device to be routed. Just go ahead and install this app and the abovesaid problem is sorted out for sure.

Free, Easy and Elegant MP4 Joiners ...

Most of our handy smart phones now have the ability to record videos in MP4 high resolution formats. And in a significant number of occasions we would be having multiple MP4 files on a single occasion and in need to merge them as a single video before publishing and/or sharing with others. I have a recommendation of following tools which help in this direction: Cross-Platform Joiner: GPAC package on Ubuntu: To get this run the command sudo apt-get install gpac; And then to combine Mp4 files the commandline is MP4Box -cat 1.mp4 -cat 2.mp4 -new joined.mp4 Trust these would be helpful to share your MP4 memories with others.

echo123 :: The hidden talk assistant in Skype

For those using Skype and when in need to troubleshoot audio call setting there is a good companion called 'Echo123' Currently it supports audio call only. You can talk to it and it will read back your responses thus helping out troubleshoot your audio connections. With Skype 4.2 for Linux it even gives technical information regarding the call as illustrated below:

Whois Windows Tool

I was trying to learn a bit of Sockets programming with C# and as a test tool, I have made a small opensource product called 'Whois Helper'. Check out the screenshot of the same below: You can also grab a source of the same from Codeplex here . The tool has the following features in its first version: Built-in static database (embedded resource) of Whois servers for all TLDs in the world. An option for the user to override the built-in server and query the custom server. Optionally copy the output (automatically) to clipboard. Feel free to send me your comments, suggestions and criticisms on the same.