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Master Pages in ASP.NET "Whidbey"

Just casually browsing through ASP.NET website and I was reading some content on Whidbey, the next version of Visual Studio .NET and ASP.NET. Web Application development in Classic ASP used include files to define common layouts and templates.

Moving a step towards ASP.NET, we had Register TagPrefix Templates and Web User Controls to achieve the same. Or we could also define a common BasePage, which defines the layout shared for the entire application, giving a placeholder to the actual control at Runtime. But then, the BasePage concept lacked support in Visual Studio .NET Designer.

Coming up next, in ASP.NET next version, is Master Pages, which defines a page designed as a Base Layout master, with an extension .master, that dictates the overall layout of the page itself.

Other pages use the Page Directive and link to this Master page via a Master attribute of the Page directive. Sections marked with <asp:ContentPlaceHolder> in Master Page are overridden in the child Web Pages.

Free LiveSupport for Websites

Having a cyber presence or a personal homepage now is a breeze nowadays with lots of free webhosts. I came across a website sometime back called Get1on1. This site offers a unique Live Support Service for websites that too free. Perhaps, personal websites with unique content in technology and articles relating to the same can have this, to further get closer to its visitors. Check it out...