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Chennai MVP Meet

Chennai MVP Meet

The scheduled MVP meet amongst Chennai did happen yesterday. However, since it happened to be a Sunday, there weren't much attendance. Hence Abhishek, myself and Naresh had some brief meetups, a touring around to Bikes and Barrels at Residency Towers and then disperse off home after some bites at a chat shop late night in Ispahani center.

I have this experience in detail with reference to my more impressed Bikes and Barrels over here.

Expert Premium Services -- Back with the Vigor (Rejuvenated and Reloaded)

Expert Premium Services -- Back with the Vigor (Rejuvenated and Reloaded)For a while from January to February there had been a lull in my Experts-Exchange community participation. I tried doing a analysis of what was going wrong? These are the introspection results which I would like to share with:The website itself was transitioning from Classic Legacy format to a newer theme based. I particularly experienced severely hit slow loading  pages on the age-old telephone-line powered dialup networking connections and the wrecked poor-quality Airtel Broadband line.The specified period had a little but more schedules to address, commitments to care and higher priority tasks that were preempting the same. These made Experts-Exchange participation to take the backseat for a while.Starting back on March, you could see the Spring Ahead in the same. Incidentally, our Spring Ahead coincided with the Daylight Savings Time Spring Ahead in US too.  You can check out my Experts Premium profile in the…

Product Companies -- Good Lexical Compelling Ads

Product Companies -- Good Lexical Compelling AdsYesterday while travelling to workplace from Tambaram to Guindy, I saw a new advertisement near Velacherry put up by Aspire Systems. I know of some really good friends in Aspire, which is currently located near Siruseri Information Park in Chennai. You can also see a lot of employee transportation facilities that are offered by Aspire running through out the length and breadth of the city round-the-clock. Well! Coming to the main point of discussion, the most impressive word that caught my attention in the Aspire's Hoarding in Velacherry was 'Producteering'. Product companies vie with one another to provide innovative, captivating, enthralling and enticing products coupled with very compelling marketing for the same. More than project based development, product development, in a way involves more strategic effort from both the development and marketing. They have go in a very harmonious fashion to capture the market, as I mys…

Winner of April 2007 Dotnetspider

Winner of April 2007 Dotnetspider There is another proud winning of a monthly prize and happy news to share across. I have currently been the Monthly Winner for April 2007 in You can find out my profile linked from here or from the right navigational widget of this weblog. The community-credit keeps winning in the background too. You can find out more about Community-Credit monthly summary over here .

Password Managers

Password Managers

How many times you have been faced with the piquant situation of forgetting a password and trying to retrieve one frantically? Particularly with the plethora of passwords to remember across this is becoming chaotic.

There is a good move among the giants to bring in common signon networks like Microsoft Passport (Windows LiveID), Lycos Passport, AOL ScreenName, Yahoo ID, Google Accounts etc. But since there are little to big sites which have thier own registration besides the countless number of web and windows applications having diversified passwords and logon credentials that we are forced to remember each day.

There have been a good number of password manager applications. I would like to mention about a couple of them which I feel are really good and comprehensive in the goal that they are trying to address and accomplish.

Keepass: It is described in the website as an opensource password info. You can download the source and also try to enhance it for your own needs.…

Windows Vista -- Notepad Launch Warning

Windows Vista -- Notepad Launch Warning

During my current stay in Irving, TX along with Muthu Rajesh, he had purchased a new Dell laptop loaded with Windows Vista. While playing around Windows Vista Home Basic edition a bit, I observed some really good features. The most interesting feature I observed was when you 'View Source' on a web page, Windows Vista alers you and confirms whether you wanted to open the Notepad application.

At the first sight we would think that this is tooo much of the warning message placing more emphasis on the security. But on careful study and deducing from IE Blog, it rather plugs a hole that applications do not try having thier privileges elevated unintentionally. As IE blog explains, this also tries to address any security vulnerabilities that may be there in Notepad, which a hacker can make use of to take control of the host system.

Check out the full length discussion threat at IE Blog here.

Drupal -- Effective Free OpenSource Content Management Solution

Drupal -- Effective Free OpenSource Content Management Solution  The other day, one of my managers who was working with me in my previous organization (Sasidharan Chinnaraj), who is currently working with iSoft PLC, wanted some tipoff or pointers towards some good content management solutions for his colleague, possibly an academic project I guess. Together we did some research and homed in Drupal Community Plumbing Content Management Solution. Just wanted to summarize a few things about Drupal so that other interested persons would be benefitted. Simpler but powerful Content Management Solution to install and maintainOpensource and hence a cheaper but powerful option for small enterprises and non-profit organizations also to take advantage of a good content management solutions.Powerful User Authentication Module.The native engine itself is pretty fast.Builtin Blogger API supportUnique multiple database support.Good discussion forum module (if we need to use one)Web-based Administrati…

Community Credit -- Marching Ahead Majestically

Community Credit -- Marching Ahead Majestically

The passionate community spirit and a website that gives a greater spirit and enthusiasm for dynamic community participations and contributions. That defines Albeit the fact that there resembles a different portrayal of presentation, there is a distinct progressive difference now. You can find myself enlisted in 'All Timers'. A screenshot is being attached here. A quick recap of few other recent Community-Credit developments that we have discussed.CommunityCredit Handicap -- Boon Or Bane Grand Prize Winner of Community-Credit March 2007 Contest Stay Tuned. There are more laurels to win and to share across this weblog.