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ABCPDF-- A choicest PDF library from the software house of WebSuperGo

I have been using a PDF component called ABCPDF which is made by the software organization called WebSuperGo recently. I have been using a diversified set of components to generate PDF include iTextSharp and DevExpress.

Some of the good things I find with ABCPDF are: Ease of use and cleaner APIThe support is straight-forward. You can send out a quick email to At least I have an experience of receiving back the responses is less than an hour though the committed response time is a day. Mission-critical and business-critical applications can also go in for a platinum support package.Affordable licensing plans. There is a nominally priced licensing tariff card besides a lucrative licensing strategy for non-profits and hobbyists.It even supports classic ASP though with a little COM virtualization overhead. The WebSuperGoo website is also simple, easy to navigate and locate the required information. For sure, it is an imperative library that needs to be in the too…