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A Test Run of Opera Browser on my Ubuntu

A few people could remember that way back my mobile used to powered by Opera Mini browser.  Other than the Unicode limitation the normal websites have a powerful acceleration without giving a pressing load on my CPU.

Fun with Java Update

Oracle is trying to push some strange update for the past two months in the system which only meets this error. I am not sure why aren't they able to even correct this issue in the subsequent fixes. Big names but cheap products as there is a Hindi saying!

Windows Server 2008 R2 -- Another Vista (Pig with a lipstick?)

For some reason, Windows Server 2008 R2 derives a sadistic pleasure in terminating non-MS applications when common Windows controls like File -> Open, File -> Save are being accessed. The most closest trace I found was the default location it was choosing like 'Favorites'. I reported this to Bugzilla (Mozilla) and they found out that the culprit was Windows and not Firefox.  Reported this to MS through forums. No responsible fix till now.

Safer Browsing Practices -- Make Your Browser To Prompt Download Location

I would prefer the recommended option in Download would be 'Always ask me where to save files' in Firefox instead of 'Save Files To'. That way I always know what is coming into my system and hence I can be sure that my system is not compromised with malware and/or hijacked by unknown persons.

It does take a couple of more clicks but it pays to pave a strong security for the computer. This screen is from Firefox 4.0.1.

Internet Clearing Houses

I just thought would share a couple of words about a few Internet Clearing Houses which helps us to stay safe online.

Phishtank: ( is a service from OpenDNS. It helps us to stay away from Phishing websites.

Norton SafeWeb: ( is  a service from Symantec which helps us to identify bad websites so that we don't visit them infecting our computers.

Cloud-based security

These days the most talked about term in every enterprise is cloud-computing and living on the clouds. However we need to ensure a few things in this cloud-era: SafetySecurityReliabilityDo we have these three musketeers always with us when we dial-in to the Internet and go online? How many times we have installed a new Windows computer, been online for a few hours and then found with an installed version of Antivirus/Antispyware tool which complains that there have been a few privacy infringing third-party tracker cookies on the light end or an extreme case of financial information/identify theft to a rogue website. Though we can have the right antivirus software loaded we also need to ensure its patterns are updated. One more level of good security is to have DNS level  protection. There are a few services like OpenDNS, Norton DNS, ScrubIt which provides the following advantages: Rogue sites are automatically blocked for you. Since your name server is the only which guides you a route t…

Blogdrive Downloader ...

Blogdrive is a cool blog platform for novices and beginners. I have started to blog there around 2001 and then went ahead to diversify my blogs across Google Blogger and Wordpress. Whilst it endeavours to fulfil most of the bloggers' needs a few advanced features like 'Bulk Import', 'Bulk Export' when you want to backup the blog and restore it etc are amiss. This has been confirmed in a Wordpress forum too where people suggest to use Moveable Type format as an intermediate.  I have also briefly explained about this my new travelog over here.

The other way what I could suggest though a bit rudimentary would be to use the archive URL and download the contents to your local storage. A quick lines of code for the same using PHP would be as below:

Please note that I am using a system command called 'wget' to download the remote file. This is a built-in command for (Ubuntu) Linux and also the path format is a typical Unix. This is just a startup idea. There are a…

A Sizzling Summer Reward from Symantec ...

My humble passionate contributions to Symantec forums community has been awarded with yet another award in the form of Amazon Gift Certificate. I am delighted to share this glad news with everyone.

Perhaps it is a blissful gesture from Symantec and the Almighty to start a bright shiny rewarding jubilant, exhilarating and exciting Summer ahead!

Check out the status from Symantec Rewards Redemption Page here:

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