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Getting hands wet with a Social Media Application with PHP

As directed by my Todolist powered by Zoho Sheet, today I was making a small application in a non-profit non-governmental community page for 'National Do Not Call Registry'. The objectives of this application are below:
Collect the telemarketing incident details and their calling numbers, victim's name, email and phone number.Prepare the report in a standard form. Send the same to telephone operator and register in our database. Here there is a Catch-22 situation that I have described in the utility itself as a 'Data Handling Policy'. Hence I am not sending an email but just copying the standard format to your clipboard which you can send to your telephone operator.Technical Details:
The utility contains two pages one that is hyperlinked from within Facebook Developer page. It does the preliminary handshake with the Facebook and then opens our reporting page.The reporting page does all the hard-work like collecting the details and preparing the report and sending the…