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Showing posts from March, 2011

Interesting Text Editor in XFCE Ubuntu

Whilst playing around with my XFCE desktop environment of Ubuntu I just observed an interesting name called 'Mousepad' in the programs. When I started the same, it turned out to be a simple text editor like Notepad. Just thought would share this amusing finding with others too.

XFCE -- Smart Cute Light-weight Desktop in my Ubuntu

Today I was doing a little maintenance on the system and set up XFCE in lieu of KDE which is fairly heavy with unneeded components.  In the process I kicked off the KDE daemon which resulted in the system turning to commandline mode. Slowly groped through the dark and rebooted it to get XFCE to the fore-front.

Java complete in my Ubuntu ...

After a lot of struggle got Java installed on my Ubuntu. The catch is that by default Java is not allowed directly in my Ubuntu. I need to enable partner repository in Ubuntu Software Center and only then Java was displayed to be installed besides Java plugin for all browsers.

From when Visual Studio started treating 200 OK as Http Errors?

From when Visual Studio started treating 200 OK as Http Errors?

Recently I encountered a strange error dialog in Visual Studio TFS. All of a sudden it threw a messagebox that that it encountered a 200 OK from the server. :) See attachment. The other day I had fiddler open in my system and I could see web service requests carrying checkin/checkouts of the files from Visual Studio.

It is really excellent that Microsoft is extending patronage and embracing an Open XML format for Visual Studio too.

Gnome or KDE?

After a lengthy debate and debacle with KDE I have reverted my system configuration to GNOME which seems to be practically good and productive for my purpose. KDE is all the more good but power-packed with services and utilities which I do not get to use at the moment.

And I also want to share one thing. One of my friend who is new to Linux but got inspired by the simplicity and elegance of it always gets confuses between Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I would like to clarify. Ubuntu and Kubuntu are two flavors of Debian Linuxes. GNome and KDE are the desktop environments. Trust this makes things clearer and cleaner.

A 'Segmentation Fault' with KDE...

An interesting error message whilst removing the unnecessary packages in bulk from KPackageKit. Recalls my C Programming the college days. 'Segmentation fault. Core dumped'.

My new KDE Screenshot

I had replaced my Ubuntu desktop with a KDE environment because that is more light-weight, cheerful, enticing and creatively productive. Just thought would share the screenshot of my KDE-powered desktop here: