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An interesting date with Lotus Notes

The other day, I was staying through night in my office since the next day, I had some deliverable and left to home only at 4 AM. And I came back to my workplace back next day at 11 AM. I was still feeling sleepy and groping with sleepiness in the eyes, since I had been stretching out for almost three consecutive nights, I took the backups and latest versions from the SourceControl and preparing for the build.
Just noticed that my Lotus Notes ID file has mysteriously disappeared from my desktop. (!!) I had Domino Web Access to my mailbox though but my archives can not be browsed without the ID file. Is'nt it? Just searching experts-exchange and Google for some way of cracking into my mailbox, since I had a backup of my ID file there, but even entering it needed an ID. Deadlock, huh?

Luckily, one of my friend struck with an idea of using his ID file to enter the mailbox, open my NSF database, download the ID file and reopen the Notes with my ID file.The hilarious melodrama reached …