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ASP.NET Learner Videos

ASP.NET Learner Videos

Of late I came across a nice Learner Video collections on ASP.NET and Atlas (AJAX for ASP.NET) framework. Check them out here.  This makes the learning of new technology a breeze since it is very much interactive.

PHP meets .NET

PHP meets .NET

The premeire Unix based Scripting language which also has Windows port (PHP -- Hypertext Preprocessor) meets .NET.  A new PHP Language compiler called Phalanger has been developed which converts PHP code into .NET MSIL, thus extending ASP.NET support for PHP

Check out for more details:

Online Code Convertors from DotNetSpider

Online Code Convertors from DotNetSpider

How many times we have been frustrated by encountering a sample code or library but in a different language? I came across the following very useful tool that attempts to resolve the query and aspirations of millions of developer fraternity.Check out online code convertor tools between C# and VB.NET from Dotnetspider here: free to share any other code conversion tools as comments to this post or to Dotnetspider here.

Golden Jubilee Post

Golden Jubilee PostIt is a pleasurable moment to share with you that your favorite technology weblog, Daffodilnet, has humbly reached its Golden Jubilee Post. There are more milestones to conquer and laurels to win.Keep visiting and extend your support and patronage. Thank you!

Microsoft Excel -- Quick Reckoner for Financial Calculations

Microsoft Excel -- Quick Reckoner for Financial CalculationsMost of us would have encountered piquant situations while planning to avail personal loans from financial institutions. While the bank gives a full details of the loan, the amortization schedules etc, it would be better that we also have hand-calculate and cross verify the details. The calculation process is not simple and particularly assumes mammoth complexities in the case of long term loans. Fortunately, there is a simple but generic tool that lies very much within Microsoft Excel to help ease out this situation and greatly help us.Amotization Schedule Launch Microsoft Excel.Right click on the bottom tab 'Sheet 1'.Click on the tab 'Spreadsheet Solutions'.You can now select 'Amortization Schedule'.Fill out the steps and Microsoft Excel would calculate the rest.Principal Component in EMILaunch Microsoft Excel and from Insert -> Function, choose the category 'Financial'Choose 'PPMT'…

JavaScript X Library

JavaScript X LibraryWhile searching for some JavaScript functions and implementations, I came across a comprehensive website on JavaScript library, purportedly achieving cross browser compatibility and ease of diversified functions like utility functions, DHTML tips and tricks and more.Check out X Library here:

Guidance Explorer

Guidance ExplorerDesign of an enteprise application involves a lot of careful study and analysis which does not undermine the necessity of emphasing on the right type of design pattern that needs to be used. But startup developers often tend to curse of the plethora of design patterns, beguile and confusing terms used thereto, while program managers find pleasure in advocating and supporting the pros and cons of each design pattern.Fortunately, there is a cool tool from GotDotNet Workspaces called GuidanceExplorer which attempts to ease this task for developers and realise the dream potentials of program managers. Check out GuidanceExplorer from GotDotNet CodeGallery.