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Panda Online Virus Scanner

Panda Online Virus ScannerPanda Antivirus has launched an online antivirus scanner which supports the following features:Online ScanScan HistoryCleaning up of the infectionsYou are required to register at the website to proceed with the scan. Check out the ActiveScan website here.

Translation between English and Hindi is now a breeze...

Translation between English and Hindi is now a breeze...I was just wondering to translate a piece of stuff in Hindi to English and stumbled upon Google Translate website. I just learnt that they have enhanced the translation engine to cover Hindi as well.I have just put a small test sentence like "Google Translate now works between English and Hindi too. " and it works sweet. Check it out here.With a greater amount of Hindi (Indian Language) software coming out now, I am sure that this is a great news for developers.

XAML Fest -- Exciting Two Day WPF Event at Houston, TX

XAML Fest -- Exciting Two Day WPF Event at Houston, TXI was just trying to find out tech events that I can attend in my current region and found out an exciting WPF, Silverlight related event that is scheduled for October in Houston, TX.I just thought of sharing the same with other interested developers so that more people can register and benefit from the program.It is a Level 300 two day program in Houston, TX targetting architect and developer tracks.Check out the event page and register yourself here.

Definitive Guide for VB.NET developers coming from VB World

Definitive Guide for VB.NET developers coming from VB WorldFor VB.NET developers coming from VB World, I would really and strongly recommend the following book "Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET w/accompanying CD-ROM".The book has an elegant coverage on the differences between the two world, seamless migration path, redesign related issues and points to be taken care with respect to the COM component.You may also like to check out the free download of the eBook that ew discussed sometime back over here.Check out Amazon page of ordering the book here.

VB to VB NET Migration Guide

VB to VB NET Migration GuideI just came across a good download resource from Microsoft Download Center which explains about Migrating from VB to VB.NET. It is actually a free eBook with 21 chapters as a free download.Check out the download here.

Draco .NET :: CVS Based Auto Build Tool

Draco .NET :: CVS Based Auto Build ToolI was actually searching for WinCVS tools for c# and came across this excellent tool called Draco .NET. This seems to be a promising tool for developers using WinCVS. It offers to run as a Windows service monitoring the CVS continously. When there are changes, the tool builds the project and emails the reports to you.You need NANT to run this tool. Besides CVS, it is also able to monitor VSS, PVCS and a lot of more source control solutions.The tool is licensed under OpenBSD and you can download from Sourceforge servers.

SpellServer -- Spell Checking for websites

SpellServer -- Spell Checking for websitesSometime back, we discussed about spell checking tool for Windows Forms developers over here. I just thought I would also review about a similar tool from the same vendor for the benefit of ASP.NET developers.They offer a product called SpellServer which is oriented towards ASP.NET developers. Some of the advantages of the tool are:Comprehensive spell checking for the websiteCustomizable for the individual website themeAll of inhouse dictionaries that are built along.Check out product homepage here for download details.

SpellText -- SpellChecker for Windows Forms

SpellText -- SpellChecker for Windows FormsThere is some good news for Windows Forms developers. Chado Software has brought out a nice elegant spell checker which helps in good and fast spell checking from within the scope of your windows forms.Some of the quick advantages of the tool are:Check as you typeCustomizable DictionariesCustomizable Context MenusThe product is not free but the cost is one time but lifetime free technical support and life time free updates.Check out SpellText website here for download and purchase details.

GhostDoc -- Visual Studio AddOn

GhostDoc -- Visual Studio AddOnI just came across a cute little addOn for Visual Studio, which helps us with the XML documentation comments in C#. It pulls the comments of base classes and also uses the name and type of the method on which the comment is being desired.Advantages:FreewareAddOn to Visual Studio. Hence the learning curve is less.Quick and smaller download footprint. Supports C# in entirety. VB.NET support is currently experimental.Vista compatibleDownload URL:

Internet Quiz

Internet QuizI just came across a cute Internet Quiz in this website. It just has some about thirty questions on basic Internet. And they score you besides giving you a nice badge to put up on your website too.Created by OnePlusYou

New Programming Tip Section

New Programming Tip SectionYou would have seen a new series of posts in this category and the posts being tagged as 'programming tips'. We are glad to introduce this new section to share with everyone about valuable programming tips and best programming practices that we come across in every day life. The following are the reasons of launch of this label (category):For beginners/starting programmers, this would be a very useful guidance in ensuring that their programming styles are corrected at tender age and they are trained to write rock-solid code.We learn a lot of programming tips everyday from various sources and from our experiences too. We can not just keep remembering everything. This would serve as a record.Each one learns programming tips differently. One candle lights another to make the entire atmosphere still brighter. This would be a great way of learning and sharing the knowledge with one another. The inspiration of this section was the Tamil Sindhu Bhairavi. In…

Initialise the Variables

Initialise the VariablesA good programming block would always ensure that any variables declared would have gone through a neater and standardized way of having them initialised to suitable value. Even if it is NULL, better specify it as an explicit NULL.This ensures a lot of advantages for everyoneThe runtime clearly knows the values.Proactive handling of the values and the variable at a later point of time and reducing the risk of failure/breakdown of code.Easy maintainability of code.

Bad Bad onBlur and onFocus Alerts in Webpage Validations

Bad Bad onBlur and onFocus Alerts in Webpage ValidationsI really get irritated when I see alert popup windows that come up in web pages that I browse and fill particularly following the onBlur of one textbox and onFocus of another control. Having such a flow is kind of irritating and erroneus for the following reasons:A reckless placement of validations might cause a race condition. Blur of A calling Focus of B. Blur of B might call Focus of A. This might your web browser to freeze and the user would be forced to kill the browser with Task Manager. If the user is not techsavvy, he might only resort rebooting his PC losing his unsaved changed.Valuable user time is wasted.I would recommend an elegant solution would be to buffer the validations for the submit button for the webpages or a due button click.

The Lovely C# Switch Case

The Lovely C# Switch CaseOne of the sweet things with a switch case statement in C# is that you have to specify the break statement or a goto statement and the fall through is a strictly no-no. The compiler would yell at you if skip the break statement.Missing a break, continue statement is a common pitfall in switch construct is byfar the most common programming error that brings with it complicated debugging efforts and hidden bugs. With this cool power that C# compiler enforces, I think, we should also try ensuring that our programming practices in Java and JavaScript follow the same for cleaner and robust code.

Handle your exceptions

Handle your exceptionsWhen you write a program, ensure that you have a good framework being implemented to accomodate for unforeseen circumstances and unhandled conditions. Having unhandled exceptions lead to many problems. A few are:Unhandled exceptions left to the runtime actually are severe peformance penalty for the applicationIt presents a very bad image of you in the eyes of your user.For starting developers, I would always recommend that along with the minimum using directives, always have the first simple try catch statement and then appropriate exceptions being handled with care.

Let your code record its activities ...

Let your code record its activities ...Writing a diary is a good practiceBlogging is a great hobbyThese serve to enhance your memory and recall about incidents and events at a later point of time. Let us extend this habit to your code too. Your program should normally get cultivated with a practice of recording (logging) its activities lucidly without swamping the resources. That way, we get to reap a lot of benefits. A few are:Troubleshooting problems with the applicationStatistics about the applicationThere are excellent log frameworks available for any one to get started with minimum effort. A few are:Log4NetEnterprise Library Logging Application Block from Microsoft

Career Opportunity at Photon Infotech

Career Opportunity at Photon InfotechOne of my friend who works at Photon Infotech, a fast growing IT consultancy firm in Chennai wanted me to share with others regarding their current lookout for ASP.NET technical leads.I just thought I would share with others who might be interested towards the same. Quick Job Profile:Enterprise Architecture/SOAOOAD/UML Design PatternsLanguages: C#/VB.NET, ASP.NETSQL Server 2005They expect at least 6 to 9 years of relevant experience. If you know some one, you can check with Raajanand at +919841163836 or shoot out your profile to raajanand.r (at)

The Lovely Perl way of braces { }

The Lovely Perl way of braces { }In Perl programming language, it is always mandatory that even a single statement in a conditional block be encompassed within { } unlike C# and other programming languages where only multiple statements are mandated for the curly brace blocks.But I would say, the Perl way is really excellent we should follow this strictly for other languages also. This makes our code look cleaner and neater. We know where the control starts and stops and would enable a cleaner debugging too.

Magic Numbers in the Code

Magic Numbers in the CodeWhen you write a code and somewhere down the line, you are using an arithmetic constant like PI, have it defined as some readOnly constant string and use the string instead of hardbinding the number value in the code. There are good advantages of avoiding magic numbers in the code:Isolating the magic numbers into a single place labeling them with a variable would help in adjusting the precision value later.The code appears cleaner and neater without beguile numbers spread across the code and confuse a new person maintaining your code.Troubleshooting problems because of values to these constants is easy.

Comment your code ...

Comment your code ...For any programmers, it is always strongly recommended to have explicit comments to strategic sections of the code. Commenting a code is very important for many reasons:It would serve as a valuable memory into what the particular code does. You may not know that down the line, after five years, when you see the code without comments, the same code might sound greek and latin. A good commented code can easily enable a peer developer to start maintaining it without bothering you for pesky queries on the same.Where possible, try using summary commenting like in JavaDoc and C# Xml commenting features.When not to comment?If you are replacing a logic with another logic, do not comment the older logic and append the new one, as far as possible. That would only serve to increase the file size and complicate the maintainability of the code. To maintain history, use a good Source Control rather. Avoid explicit and greater detail comments in clientside scripting code like Ja…

"Treat warnings as errors"

"Treat warnings as errors"I just thought of sharing this as a good programming practice for beginners to cultivate. Compiler warnings are actually a flag for you to indicate a potential problem. It might be a simple deprecation warning or an = assignment when == is being intended.As long as your compiler supports an option of having the warnings treated as errors, I would strongly recommend anyone to turn on this feature. That way, we can have our programs robust and resilent without any latent errors hidden anywhere.

[Book Review] Wings of Fire

[Book Review] The Wings of FireIn August first week, I had a very excellent book from library which kept me really busy every moment. The book was:"Wings of Fire :: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam"The book is a must-read for everyone. It clearly brings out in simple terms his humble beginnings, hard work and patience. It provides us with a lucid introduction to the great works that are going on in our space laboratories. There is also a Tamil version of the book called 'Agni Siragugal'. Amazon Link: Check out here.

India's cheapest laptop and desktop from Zenith Computers

India's cheapest laptop and desktop from Zenith ComputersZenith Computers, premiere PC manufacturers from the Indian subcontinent has ushered in another innovation of bringing cheapest laptop and desktop now.The laptop is priced at 15000 INR and is loaded with Microsoft OS.The desktop is priced at 11000 INR.Source Courtesy: Rediff
Vendor Website: Zenith

Google Voice Search in India

Google Voice Search in IndiaWhilst casually surfing the Internet, I came across the news post about Google pioneering to bring out Voice Search in India. You can simply call a toll-free number through your mobile phone and get your search results for free. We have enough providers like JustDial in India but these folks get your mobile number in return and record them. Google promises that your mobile number would not be required to use their service.Currently, Google project seems to be collecting voice samples in Hyderabad and New Delhi to automate the voice search services.Source Courtesy: Telecom Tiger

Yahoo Mash Closing down

Yahoo Mash Closing downWe discussed about SpotM a while back. But not many of you would be knowing that Yahoo was already having another lesser known social networking community called 'Yahoo Mash'. It had been running around for an year till now but only on a invite-only try for members.Unfortunately, last week, Mash members have started recieving emails regarding closing down of Yahoo Mash community with this september and their mash profiles would be cleaned up after that.Mash was actually an upgrade of 360 but this close down, according to various news source should not be affecting 360 in any way.Source Courtesy: eFluxMedia

Yahoo Glue Search in India

Yahoo Glue Search in IndiaYahoo India has pioneered in bringing out one another innovative search product called Glue Pages.  Unlike the traditional search, here you would be requiring to signon and as you type in your search keywords relevant search results along with Wiki/Video are pulled in to save time.The service seems to be currently in BETA and there is also an offer to invite business entrepreneurs to be listed in their Glue Pages. Check out yourself on the new webservice initiative from Yahoo India.

Free Sample Chapters (eBooks) from Microsoft Press

Free Sample Chapters (eBooks) from Microsoft PressHere is a unique opportunity to take advantage of and get a sneak preview of three great books and then to go for the purchase of the same.Microsoft Press seems to be giving out free eBook (Sample Chapters) of the following books:Programming Microsoft LinqIntroducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0Programming ASP.NET 3.5Check out the eBook Page here.

Google Toolbar making your system faster ...

Google Toolbar making your system faster ...I recently came across an interesting error message display in my system when the Internet Connection died out. Instead of the web browser displaying the harsh 'Can not find server' and then freezing the system with that Internet Detect ActiveX Control, the installed Google Toolbar made the experience pleasant and also offering a more flexible way to initiate a web search.A screenshot of the error message (sample) is below:

Managing Bookmarks Easily

Managing Bookmarks EasilyBookmarks (or Favorites) has been a very useful feature in the web browser (the Internet Enabled Device). But with the number of different browsers we use every day and with the number of different systems we have to keep switching and considering the amount of travel, we have the great aspiration to see if our bookmarks could also travel with us.There are good solutions to these from a lot of websites. I was just thinking of sharing a few for the benefit of other readers:Google BookmarkMSDN SocialDel ICIO USAll these are online solutions and hence should lend a great helping hand for you particularly when you are on move.

10th Birthday of Google

10th Birthday of GoogleVisit and you would find an inspiring link called 'Google's 10 Birthday'. Let us wish Google 'Many Many Happy Returns of the Day'. The birthday page of Google is truly inspiring since it lists chronologically the various achievements Google has accomplished from the date of its launch.Besides this Google Birthday Page also has a rich mention of history and various other informative and interesting news.

Quick Clip Information to your Emailbox

Quick Clip Information to your EmailboxDespite the fact we have dedicated software like OneNote, TurboNote etc available to hold information, we still cling to having a quick note typed in our Inbox, which we find comfortable through our email client search. Many a times, we are forced to login to our web email application to send an email to ourselves with small amount of information like phone number of a friend, dinner time etc.I just came across a good website called Note2Email, which seems to be innovative in enhancing our practice. A quick review of this webservice as follows:Clip any information to any email account in the world.No logon required whatsoever.Optional Encryption key to scramble the text that is being submitted.Simple plain text can be sent and hence no Web-Bugs and so free of any type of malware emails.Bookmark the URL and try visiting it for your day to day needs.

Iterasi -- Your Personal Web Archive

Iterasi -- Your Personal Web ArchiveHow many times we know a particular website that we used to go but reach a parked domain page or a redesigned page with the older links hitting on the big wall. seems to have brought out an innovative solution to this problem. The website is all about an innovative web archive solution where you can get to offer your personal websites, in full form along with your bookmarks.So next time you need to search the service provider website, you can logon to your personal web archive in case the vendor resource is unavailable.Check out Iterasi here.

Historical Currency Convertor Tool

Historical Currency Convertor ToolEveryone of us know about getting the currency equivalents today by just navigating to Google and typing something like 1 USD in INR (which would give how many Indian Rupees are required to purchase 1 US Dollar and similarly).But how many of us are comfortable in getting data on historic currency conversion rates like "What was the currency exchange on 2nd March, 2008 between 1 UK Pound and 1 USD.Fortunately, there is a very good and useful utility available from Oanda Corporation, which helps out with such requirements.  They have a very good online free tool here, that helps us to convert between wide variety of global currencies.

InstantBird -- Instant Messenger Communication Tool from the house of FireFox

InstantBird -- Instant Messenger Communication Tool from the house of FireFoxI was casually browsing and I found out an innovative product called 'InstantBird'. It seems to be a promising product in that it it is opensource like other products of Mozilla. The main objective of the product is to offer instant messaging support for widest range of networks including Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL, Google Talk and ICQ.I think it would be a good tool compared to heavier shareware alternatives right?

Free Online Document Viewer from Zoho

Free Online Document Viewer from ZohoThe inherent fear and apprehension with Office documents are the following:Bulky downloadsFear of outbreak of viruses because of macrosCluttering of the systemEating of storage space unnecessarilyI feel it is time to be free of these headaches, as there are online innovations by Zoho with their launching of Zoho Online Viewer which offers to facilitate viewing of Office Documents online.URL: a document from your hard diskGrab a document from the webAbility to hold a document for a period of a day to do not expire at all.Good list of supported file types as enumerated here.

Google Indexing now includes Audio too...

Google Indexing now includes Audio too...If you have had a sneak peek of what Google labs is offering latest, you would be really amazed. It offers a service called GAudi, which seems to be indexing audio in its video sharing website ("YouTube").Currently this webservice is still part of Google Labs research venture and hence you would be finding that the webservice might be constantly evolving till they announce it into a stable beta phase.

Talk Free -- Anytime and Everytime :: Technology makes Telephony Affordable

Talk Free -- Anytime and Everytime :: Technology makes Telephony AffordableAway from home and away from your near and dear can no longer make you feel lonely. Nowadays there has been hundreds of technological innovations mushrooming to help you out in two ways:For you to communicate without any hindrance.For you to extend itself for your own flexibility and customizations.At least, this is true when you travel to US since your near and dear can call you for free.  Some of the Talk-Free gadgets that I just evaluated and found useful alongside being interesting were:Google Talk -- [It also has a good VoiceMail feature]Jaduka LabsI remember AOL was providing something like a local telephone number when you signup for a Screen Name somewhere in 2007 but now I could not find out that link. If some one knows about it, feel free to share the same for the benefit of other readers.

Your movies and videos can now be powered by Silverlight Streaming ...

Your movies and videos can now be powered by Silverlight Streaming ...As promised, Microsoft Silverlight truly lights up the web. The latest offering from Microsoft as part of their Windows Live Platform is Silverlight Streaming.  I just thought I would review a few features about this innovative service for the benefit of other video bloggers and artistes:A new technology to showcase your talents upon to the world.Free 10 Giga Bytes hosting space in Windows Live Platform.No additional signup other than your Windows Live ID.I tried a couple of small custom-created videos and they are really amazingly fast, at least in its beta stage. Check it out for yourself.

An Online Movie Creating WebService

An Online Movie Creating WebServiceGone are days when you could only share static photos of your memories travelling across the globe. Now, you can sit down and gather your green memories to your near and dear as talking movies, thanks to JumpCut, a Yahoo Service.I recently came across this webservice. Although, little restricted than what your Windows Movie Maker (on your Windows XP) could offer, they have tried their best to offer whatever should be possible from a webpage (as a hosted edition).Check out yourself. It is free. It does require a registration to use the service. However, your Yahoo ID holds good too.

New Innovative Email Solution

New Innovative Email SolutionWith the advent of Google Mail, there had been a real revolution in email technology with a lot of innovations and players entering the arena. I recently came across an interesting provider called ''. I just thought I would review about a few features offered by this provider for the benefit of other readers:Desktop Look and FeelWhopping 5 Giga Byte StoragePulling up of Email from Multitude of Players like Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Mail, AOL, Inbox.comAudible alerts on new mail arrivalUpto 10 Email Aliases of different types like Gmx.Fr,, Gmx.SgPOP3 and IMAP accessibility to your emailboxAddOn Services:File Storage upto 1 Giga BytesScheduling Services (Calendar)Address BookPowerful Spam ProtectionProactive Antivirus SecurityJust thought I would share with other readers so that you can try out the new service if you would like it.

Let your desktop travel across the globe with you...

Let your desktop travel across the globe with you...When you are travelling across different places, it is always a difficult thing to access your home system or work place system in a reliable and secure manner. Also, when it comes to sharing of desktops between geographically distributed locations, there are only costly solutions available.I recently came across two elegant solutions which are offered for free for commercial use and easy to manage. I just thought I would share it with other readers for everyone's benefit:TeamviewerZoho MeetingThe former does not even require any installation and you just download the program on both sides and run.

The Browser War?

The Browser War?Not sure whether this can be controlled by any preferences setting or a registry key, but the two big browsers across the browser camps have a distinctly opposite behavior. Situation: Have an hyperlink in a HTML Page that has target=_blank option set.Navigate the HTML Page in Microsoft Internet Explorer (till 7.0) and it opens a new window.Navigate the HTML Page in Mozilla FireFox and it opens a new tab. Both the browsers give an option in the context menu for hyperlinks to open in new tab or new window. But why is the default behavior varying so much without letting the users to control the same? -- Fastest Mobile Search -- Fastest Mobile Search I was actually casually browsing the internet in the evening and came across an interesting website called This seems to be offering promising features for mobile phones in browsing and fast searching on various results.Besides the normal services, they also seem to be offering a number of other value added services. A few of them are:Online Translation Click To Call Multi Lingual Interface Strong SSL (device dependent feature) Image Support Turn On/Off (Toggle) Image optimization Integrated RSS Reader Check out the website from your mobile (GPRS).

'Project of the Month' Section in SourceForge

'Project of the Month' Section in SourceForgeI used to remember visiting, which used to be packed (jam-packed) with so much of information that you have to search for like anything. Not any more. Now they have made a very simple page and very fast loading website too.I was actually inspired by the section 'project of the month' where they choose one project every month and feature it on the homepage. We can actually check out the 'projects of the month' here.You may also like to check out Sourceforge 2008 Community Choice Awards post.

Sourceforge 2008 Community Choice Awards

Sourceforge 2008 Community Choice AwardsWe all visit for various opensource software downloads. There is something interesting going on in SourceForge website.Check out the 2008 Community Choice Awards programme going on here. You may like to check out the various best software that has been chosen for the awards. It is really an exciting section of that you would be inspired to contribute to opensource right?

Free Opensource Download Manager

Free Opensource Download ManagerWe just discussed about Orbit Download Manager. While I could just drink some water and turn back, a little more Internet research got me into another free download manager called 'Free download manager'. I could quickly evaluate it for a while and could get the following results for you:FreeSmall DownloadResumability supportBesides the normal HTTP and FTP, this also supports downloads through BitTorrent protocolVideo download capabilitiesOpensource (GNU GPL)Check for safety of files against other peer FDM users. There is a small button called 'Malicious?', which checks the quality of files as reported by other peer users.Free Download Manager URL:

Orbit Download Manager -- The Power Premiere Download Manager

Orbit Download Manager -- The Power Premiere Download ManagerWhatever be the download ability and bandwidth capability of the internet connection, it is always recommended to go through a good download manager. We ourselves have discussed about a number of cool download managers here. I just came across one more free one called 'Orbit Downloader' but this one seems to have added advantages of efficient video downloading from YouTube.Some of the good elegant features of Orbit Download Manager are:FreeSmaller Memory Consumption (even when it runs its sister program 'Grab Pro')Seamless integration into the web browsers (IE and FF) to download any logged on resource effectively.Efficient mirror selectionEnhanced Download SpeedsSupport for all streaming media like RTSP, MMS and RTMPEasy User Interface

The new JavaScript Engine (v8) to rule the world

The new JavaScript Engine (v8) to rule the worldPeople used to ridicule when we talk too much the greatness of JavaScript. At least I recall from Chennai software industry, people feel proud of restricting themselves with little validation controls provided by the software framework that they are using and afraid of thinking forward.We all (they all) use Google Mail and the excellent products of Google for their utility values. But we fail to appreciate the engine and life that Google breathes into each of its product -- the powerful and innovative DHTML and JavaScript.We discussed a few days before about Google Chrome. Going by Google's help pages, they say that it is powered by V8 -- an innovative new JavaScript engine.Some of the cool new features of V8 are:Open source JavaScript EngineWritten in C++. Hence you can expect a superfast execution.Used in Google's own Chrome browser. What else you expect to certify the greatness of it?Implements ECMAScript (ECMA 262)Supported P…

Google Chrome -- A Revolutionary New Browser

Google Chrome -- A Revolutionary New BrowserThe browser wars are going to be hotter with Google putting its new kid (Chrome) into the forefront. Just about a week back, Google seemed to have launched their innovative browser software called 'Google Chrome'.I just thought I would try it out a bit and write a few points about the same for the benefit of other readers:Quicker downloadSmaller memory footprintThe Addressbar itself is a little search companion now. :)Speedier and Faster browsing of web pagesDesktop shortcuts for Web PagesThumbnails for websitesBrowser Task Manager: No more erring websites can crash your entire browser. Now Google Chrome offers you a choice to kill the particular tab alone which is causing troubleIn Cognito browsing mode to prevent URLs from being recorded onto your browser history bar.Strict and Safe browsing against wandering into dangerous websites.One of the link in Google Chrome says about a new JavaScript engine called V8 powering chrome. Check…

Free Video MP3 Extractor

Free Video MP3 ExtractorSometimes we get to view cool videos in public domain hosted with Google Youtube. Subject to copyright restrictions, you may be allowed to download them. But remember video files are expected to be very heavy cluttering up your hard disk and gobbling up the available space very greedily. Many a times,for devotional songs, you may like to have only the audio portion of the same but till this point, you may be left with no option other than to bear the heaviness.Look no further. Jodix has a cool freeware called 'Free Video MP3 Extractor', which offers to pull out the audio component of major video format files and save them as MP3 file for you.  I just thought I would write a brief review of the same here for the benefit of other readers:Works on most video formatsSmaller download footprintLittle memory consumption and hence faster.Easy and friendly interfaceAbility to edit and update the meta information in the audio file that is being created.Download U…

Free WMA to MP3 Convertor

Free WMA to MP3 ConvertorThis is a sister product of RA to MP3 convertor that we discussed here. I didn't want to clutter the single post with multiple distinct software and hence chose to keep this separate.WMA files are Windows Media Player specific. Those who are fond of lighter WinAMP and those using operating systems other than Microsoft Windows may be at loss from being able to play these files. No longer. I came across a tool from Jodix which offers to convert WMA files to MP3 and it is free to. It is called Jodix WMA to MP3 convertor.Some of the lucrative features of Free Very light-weight Quick and Fast download, without pinching the network and bandwidth (thereby saving a hole on the wallet) Stable throughout heavy conversions Simpler Interface Ability to update meta information in the files being converted. Cleaner uninstall Comprehensive HTML Help Check out the download from here. Make sure you also read through the various system requirements that you need to satisfy …

Free Real Audio to MP3 Convertor

Free Real Audio to MP3 ConvertorI got a cool prayer song from one of a website download but it was in Real Audio format. For some reason, I always have a hatred for Real Audio. What are they?Heavy player download Constant nagging of Real Player to have itself in Windows Startup and slowing down my PC. I had two options to play the file in that case:Real AlternativeRA to MP3 Convertor: I came across a free convertor from Real Media files to MP3 (which is supported by all media players worldwide now). This is called Jodix RM to MP3 convertor. Some of the good points about this tool are: Free Very light-weight Quick and Fast download, without pinching the network and bandwidth (thereby saving a hole on the wallet) Stable throughout heavy conversions Simpler Interface Ability to update meta information in the files being converted. Cleaner uninstall Comprehensive HTML Help Check out the download from here. Make sure you also read through the various system requirements that you need…

C# Basics -- Book Review

C# Basics -- Book Review.NET is a promising technology now. Even for fresh graduates just out of college, they feel that they should take up a .NET course to get a lucrative opportunity in a good software organization. Traditionally, I always feel we should have a good book to learn about things in minute details.I just thought I would have a quick review of Vijay Mukhi's book 'C# Basics'. Some of the good interesting features of this book are:Easy style of writing Simple language Simple to understand examples Web Companion for the bookModerately priced and available in most stores of India besides BPB Online.