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ASP.NET WebSites

Websites powered by ASP.NET, harnessing its codebehind feature is really an amazing solution. Just I could not get much time to concenterate on my homepage and kept it sleeping for a while. Just got some free time now and tried to update the same in  Currently it seems to be a mirror of my Brinkster homesite.
Perhaps much of how the coding should be done is based on It discusses in depth about templated page design having one custom class and having other pages derive from it. Come Whidbey, I admit that this type of coding style would become obsolete, since Whidbey ships with what is called as Master Pages. Anyway, this is a startup coding effort me, thanks to

Check it out and do send me your feedback and comments on the same.Don't just get bored seeing it is the mirror of my current Brinkster Page. I have a different content on my school and some online educational stuff in my Brinkster website.