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Which city in India is best for hosting Tech.Ed

This is a quick response to MSDN India's query on the Facebook campaigning for particular cities which are most best candidates to host the premier technology event of the year 'Tech-Ed'. Without doubts we would all like to vote 'Bangalore' (aka) 'Bengaluru'. Also dubbed as 'Silicon Valley of Asia Pacific' I am sure Bangalore has the best in store with respect to the events. A few good points on why Bangalore should be the most impressive candidate are the following:
International ports and good transportation system for ease of access.Premier software houses in and around the city which thus would give a good helping hand for everyone to attend and get benefitted.A better known geography for anyone to get adapted.I hence thought just would share this view and polling to support Bangalore as a best candidate for Tech Ed 2011. Even for first time people who visit Bangalore for Tech-Ed it also offers a lot of general non-technical tourist attractions b…

My Ubuntu has a love for LavanyaDeepak (ld)...

One cute thing I observed with my Ubuntu (and in general Linux) is that the most commonly used and significant program 'ld' and 'ldconfig'. Whenever you install/deploy a package you would get the message like

'ldconfig deferred processing now taking place'.

Today as part of my gcc (GNU C) explorations and trying to recall my college day C programming when I tried something I got the following error from the compiler:

lavanyadeepak@LavanyaDeepak:~/Downloads$ gcc a.c
/tmp/ccRQQLcH.o: In function `main':
a.c:(.text+0x11): undefined reference to `println'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

A beautiful Unix calendar 2011 in terminal

I was playing around my Ubuntu terminal and just recalled my DEC Unix experience during my college days. Just thought of sharing the cute one line command that draws the calendar for any specific month of year.

A simple 'cal 2011' draws a calendar like the one illustrated in the screenshot attached in this post.

Auto-reconnect feature of Terminal Server Viewer in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu if by error the terminal server disconnects it gives an elegant reconnection dialog giving a wait time dialog that normally counts up to thirty seconds as in the dialog below.

This should actually help typically when rebooting the remote box. Instead of we waiting for the other box to come  up and periodically sending ICMP ping packets this takes care of the onus.

From CAD to CAE...

My work desktop is Windows Server 2008 R2. My home desktop is Ubuntu Linux 10.04. When I connect via Openconnect and remote desktop to work, the frequent keys that I needed to use nowadays is CTRL+ALT+ENTER. This keystroke is a signal to Ubuntu Remote Desktop Viewer to toggle full screen options.

A variant of the third key (DELETE) is an indicative to Windows to signal the SAM Security Manager to attract its attention. By default, the RDP viewer does not have a maximize restore option to full screen in Ubuntu. You ought to use the CAE option to avail the same.