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Opera Mini -- A Definitive Web Browser for Mobile Phones

Opera Mini -- A Definitive Web Browser for Mobile Phones

Sometime back we were researching on the GPRS features of Samsung E1410. You can find the said discussion over here. Recently I came across another elegant browser called Opera Mini which seems to be a rich and promising solution than the shipped ones like OpenWave and Samsung/Nokia proprietary browser software.

Opera Mini has a good lot of features like:

SpeedSkinsVideo Save PageSyncCheck out for yourself from Opera Mini website.

K9 Web Protection -- A Definitive Secure Way of Browsing the Internet

K9 Web Protection -- A Definitive Secure Way of Browsing

I just came across a good tool called K9 Web Protection from the house of Blue Coat Systems. K9 Web Protection is offered as a free download. It runs as a cool Windows Service transparently in the system. As you browse the Internet and whenever a web request is recieved, it is intercepted by the Windows Service and checks against the BlueCoat Web URL Category catalog. This is compared against the local BlueCoat settings or supervisory mode and if all things pass fine, the browser is served with the contents else the user would get an error page with an instruction to see the computer administrator.

With the growing threat of novel phishing websites and malware websites, I think, our PCs need to be equipped with K9 Web Protection to ensure that we stay protected against any perils and browse the internet safely.

Is the message-response truly blank?

Is the message-response truly blank?

Particularly in a truly time-involved message conversations to help the recipient locate the particular response quickly we normally add our responses directly into his body and optionally with some font colorization. It is customary in those cases to add a simple text like 'Please find my comments in <preferred color>' or just leave it blank with the sig alone.

I recently encountered a piquant situation with a Google Apps powered messaging system. Despite the fact that one of the original messages was colored, the messaging system still thought it was original text and hid it within the 'Show Quoted Text' color. Just a second before responding to the user that 'Your response was blank', I just gave a quick search through the quoted text to find this discrepancy of the messaging system.