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Showing posts from June, 2004

Remote Scripting Support in JavaScript

There has been days while writing code in ASP and PHP when we wanted our dynamic JavaScript code to contact server and we used all tricks like hidden fields, hidden frames to contact server while maintaining  interactivity of the page with the webuser. Just came across a nice component called Remote Scripting in
JavaScript, which helps us to meet this requirement. Check out some more about JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) over here:

I am sure that this will be of immense use to the web development fraternity worldwide.

Nice Tree Navigation System

Of late, I had to develop a navigation system for a couple of applications and based on the analysis and study, we thought of going for a Tree-based navigation system, which would be quite user-friendly for the user. Whilst searching and analysing the various navigation systems, I found a couple of sites, which I would like to share the URLs with the web development fraternity, who may also be in search of site navigation systems: (A lot of trees with even checkboxes etc, besides the nodes)