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Showing posts from April, 2011

Maverick Meerkat to Natty Narwhal on my Virtualbox

Just yesterday Ubuntu 11.04 (Codenamed as 'Natty Narwhal') got released. I had my Virtualbox upgraded to the same. See the screenshot  below.

The upgrade is little heavy and it has its own desktop environment called Unity. But because of Virtualbox hardware Ubuntu automatically chose to boot with Classic Environment.

Ubuntu Terminal Server 'Auto-Connect' drives me crazy ...

In Ubuntu tsclient when you disconnect from the terminal server and/or it is disconnected it again tries to connect by itself. This can  be annoying at sometimes when you want to hangup the VPN connection. Whilst browsing the Ubuntu kb, I found that this had gathered a lot of interest amongst co-Ubuntu users too. Check out quick and working workaround for the issue is open the appropriate .TSC file from your home folder and add the following line:reconnect_policy: neverNow it should not bug you in auto-connecting till Ubuntu releases a patch for this bug.

Blogilo -- Another desktop blogging client

This is the followup of Scribefire discussion. If your desktop session has KDE tools you should be having Blogilo too. Or you can quickly install it from your repository.

Scribefire -- Chrome Extension Desktop Blogging Client

On a truly cloud computing spree when your web browser is the one stop window to the world, ScribeFire is a surestop resource that you would like to empower your Google Chrome with. It is a browser-based desktop blogging client. Originally for Firefox this is a new port for Google Chrome.For those non-Windows users not able to use Live Writer, I think this is a very attractive proposal to blog from the comfort of their desktop without ALT+TABbing to another application.