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fValidate -- A full-fledged form validation Library

fValidate -- A full-fledged form validation LibraryJavaScript -- A Scripting Language of excellency. This saves up a lot of time, at least with respect to the client side form validations. Even then, web developers worldwide feel that it is nightmarish to write validation code in JavaScript. Sometime back, there was a site called which gave a validation library in JavaScript called fValidate. The domain is currently unavailable. A Quick Search in Google revealed the new home of fValidate.It is a good news for JavaScript lovers worldwide to see thier favorite fValidate back after a brief lull.

JavaScript and AJAX to rule the desktops

JavaScript and AJAX to rule the desktopsThe power and prowess of JavaScript is invincible. With a humble start as a client side scripting language for webpages, with the mammoth and a large scale support and patronage of millions of developers worldwide, the potential of JavaScript now, as a Windows Scripting language, WebPage animations, Client Scripting Validations and the list goes on and on. While casually surfing the web, I came across this URL called AJAX Remote Desktop Viewer. I guess, as the description goes, some OS components or a listening daemon is required on the system serving for the desktop to serve it. Check out AJAX Remote Desktop Viewerhere.

Click here to activate and use this Control

Click here to activate and use this ControlOh My! Right during the website deployment, my team member screamed to me that the flash navigation does not work. It pops up a tooltip saying "Click here to activate and use this Control". Is'nt this your common complaint these days?It seems to be a latest Windows update security patch that gets delivered from Windows Update website, that has caused this difference in behavior in IE forcing the users acknowledge and confirm that they really want to use the ActiveX Control. Going by the trend these days, Windows is getting stricter with the users in its sense of security making the shell secure for users. Additionally, the ActiveX Control (Flash Movie) appears with a kind of greyish border, indicating that the control is currently unavailable for any user input unless the user opts to activate it and use the same.Check out this solution from Macromedia for the fix.