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JavaScript X Library

JavaScript X Library

While searching for some JavaScript functions and implementations, I came across a comprehensive website on JavaScript library, purportedly achieving cross browser compatibility and ease of diversified functions like utility functions, DHTML tips and tricks and more.

Check out X Library here:

Free ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting Accounts

Free ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting AccountsDevelopers using .NET Framework 2.0 would be trying to find out some free hosting accounts where they can play around with .NET Framework 2.0 applications. During the initial stages of .NET Framework 1.1, we had the following websites that supported free .NET Framework hosts. Check out the following comprehensive lists:Brinkster Inc.DotNetPlayGround [currently free signups or hosting is unavailable]ASPSpiderMaximum ASP Beta [ASP.NET 2.0 with IIS 7 Trial Account]

Comprehensive Guide to Visual Studio Debugger Problems

Comprehensive Guide to Visual Studio Debugger Problems

While searching for some solution regarding an 'Access denied' while attaching debugger to ASP.NET, I found out the following comprehensive document on Visual Studio Debugger issues. I would like to share it with our readers for reference.

This document seems to be maintained by the Visual C# Team in GotDotNet as the URL reads. Check out and download the document from here.

Visual Studio Project Convertor

Visual Studio Project ConvertorIt would really be a daunting experience after downloading a Visual Studio .NET project file and your Visual Studio refusing it to open complaining that it has been designed for another version of the product. I came across a tool called VSConvert from CodeProject, which I would like to share the information with my readers and which I hope would greatly help in converting project files across .NET Framework (1.0 and 1.1). Check out this tool from CodeProject VSConvert page.Currently, conversion of project files to 2.0 framework is possible using Visual Studio 2005 itself as the IDE pops up a wizard. However, the reverse might not be possible since there are a lot of changes from 1.1 to 2.0 version of the framework.

No spams on Blogs

No spams on BlogsOne of the most dreaded threats that any blogger faces comes in the form of comment spamming.  A lot of people would have confronted with spurious comments posted by automatic bots on pills etc and also from persons sans ethics using others blogs to solicit visits to thier websites. There have been a diversifed ways of combating this. Till now, the following have been used popularly.Comment ModerationCAPTCHAComment moderation enqueues all the comment till the blog owner/administration peruses through the comments that are pending approval and gives a nod. CAPTCHA filters all the comments that are posted by spam robots since it generates a dynamic image which is readable only by human eye and not by spam robots.I came across this website similar to Email Relay Blacklist services which offers spam blacklisting webservice for blogosphere also. Check it out at Akismet. It is free for personal use too. So, I think, you can start using it as a valuable tool to combat spam a…

Develop without Borders

Develop without BordersCheck out a Microsoft Office 97 programming contest.  This seems to be a very innovative programming contest where the contest works are going to benefit a lot of charities worldwide. The contest is jointly managed by Microsoft and HP.For further details, check out Develop without Borders website and/or the Source URL in Chennai .NET Usergroup Message.

Asia Pacific Telecommunity Elecution Competition

Asia Pacific Telecommunity Elecution CompetitionThe Asia Pacific Telecommunity and ICT development forum is organizing an International Conference in Chennai between 10th and 14th July, 2006. The event is hosted by the Department of Telecommunications and managed by BSNL, Chennai Telephones.As part of the international conference, an elocution competition for college students is being planned out, in alliance with Anna University.  Students of Anna University and/or its affiliated colleges are eligible for participation in the same. Each college may nominate two UG/PG students for the same. The event is going to be one-of-its-kind in the international arena of telecommunity and would be a most right and an apt platform to showcase the potential and prowess of the students and the institutions.All participants get a certificate of participation whilst winners stand to get attractive cash prizes besides an invitation to attend the main conference. Enrolment Form:…

JavaScript Framework Library

JavaScript Framework LibraryJavaScript has been an inevitable scripting language that developers worldwide rely on ranging from the simplest forms of form validations through interactive animations on the web browsers. There have been JavaScript applications running from Windows Desktop as well.Check out this elegant Javascript library called Prototype, which makes development of web applications easy, giving enormous flexibility to maintain as well.