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Cross platform blogdrive downloader

Ever since I released the blogdrive downloader using WGET sometime an year back, I have also been receiving steadfast requests for a cross-platform version of the same because WGET is a linux tool and Windows PHP can not make use of the same unless you have some tricky combinations of Cygwin and other tools.

Today I got some time and wrote a quick version of the same using native PHP fopen/fwrite for the benefit of users. It uses a simple jquery to do an AJAX request and keeps saving the file onto a subfolder on the server.

There are a lot of scope for improvements to this 5 minute script. A few of them are:

Show an informative progress bar for the user.Zip the downloaded contents and stream it to the browser. Then optionally delete (cleanup) the downloaded files.CAPTCHA security when using this on a hosted platform.Use Jquery from a CDN instead of having a local version of the script.