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PhpCredentials -- As a fork of Php Passmanager

Today just uploaded the first draft of files for 'Php Credentials' to Sourceforge. You can have a sneak preview of the same here. Some of the salient features of this application are:

Built on the proven engine of Php Password ManagerNo need to remember another separate master password and to key in every time you enter your passwords.Does not depend on an external source of protection for the application and comes with its own login scheme. (Inspired by Keepass desktop tool). You only need to remember the login/password for the application and other authentication credentials are managed by the application for you.Simple Technology: PHP 5.3.2, MySQL 5.1 and Apache 2.0 [Opensource Combination]. Whilst the application's own password is stored and hashed in the database your custom passwords are stored in a strong 3DES.Check out the same and send me your views and comments for further improvements.