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Finding Page Rank of a website Easily

Finding Page Rank of a website EasilyEvery website endeavors to serve its user with really useful information. The process of search engines assigning the order of significance in which the information is useful and presentable/reachable for the users is often represented or illustrated by Page Rank. Page Rank is also a weighted measure of how many documents on the world wide web is linking onto a particular page. Check out the Wiki page for more explanation here.I just came across a very useful utility for webmasters called 'Check Page Rank' at this URL: has a very simple interface and without even page refresh just updates the Page Rank of the website that you are intending to find the same.

Free ASP.NET 3.0 hosting with ASPSpider

Free ASP.NET 3.0 hosting with ASPSpider

Sometime back, we were discussing about free ASP.NET hosting with For the interested readers, the discussion is here. I just learnt from homepage about the latest update in that they have promoted the free hosting with ASP.NET 3.0 Now it is more cool and friendly hosting with with a good tech support in the forum besides troubleshooting tips in the forums of Free 5GB Online Storage - Safely store your documents, photos and music online!
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