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An interesting date with Lotus Notes

The other day, I was staying through night in my office since the next day, I had some deliverable and left to home only at 4 AM. And I came back to my workplace back next day at 11 AM. I was still feeling sleepy and groping with sleepiness in the eyes, since I had been stretching out for almost three consecutive nights, I took the backups and latest versions from the SourceControl and preparing for the build.
Just noticed that my Lotus Notes ID file has mysteriously disappeared from my desktop. (!!) I had Domino Web Access to my mailbox though but my archives can not be browsed without the ID file. Is'nt it? Just searching experts-exchange and Google for some way of cracking into my mailbox, since I had a backup of my ID file there, but even entering it needed an ID. Deadlock, huh?

Luckily, one of my friend struck with an idea of using his ID file to enter the mailbox, open my NSF database, download the ID file and reopen the Notes with my ID file.The hilarious melodrama reached …

A Cool JavaScript Website

I was searching for some cool JavaScript Menu like Microsoft Outlook Bar and came across this website:
This site is really cool. Check it out. It has a Cool JavaScript DHTML calendar widget with a real exhaustive list of datetime patterns, themes for the calendar, fast loading and appealing to the host application.The Navigation bar and Preference Setting for the website, is sure to enthrall the users and make them visit the website again and again. Add the website to your favorites and check it out...

Launching Visual Studio .NET from within webbrowser

Having a quick reach link either as a favorite or LinksBar is the most simpler and user-friendly solution to any user connected to the  Internet nowadays. Searching has become a pleasure with Google Toolbar rather than typing and searching. Is'nt it?
In the same way, just found out a small trick. You can have a shortcut to Visual Studio .NET from within your webbrowser. Type vs:/ and press Enter.

Your webbrowser will prompt you 'This requires launching of Microsoft Development Environment' and when you click OK to this prompt, Visual Studio .NET will openup. Just drag this link and drop on the LinksBar
and you can launch VS .NET from IE by clicking this link.

Remote Scripting Support in JavaScript

There has been days while writing code in ASP and PHP when we wanted our dynamic JavaScript code to contact server and we used all tricks like hidden fields, hidden frames to contact server while maintaining  interactivity of the page with the webuser. Just came across a nice component called Remote Scripting in
JavaScript, which helps us to meet this requirement. Check out some more about JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) over here:

I am sure that this will be of immense use to the web development fraternity worldwide.

Nice Tree Navigation System

Of late, I had to develop a navigation system for a couple of applications and based on the analysis and study, we thought of going for a Tree-based navigation system, which would be quite user-friendly for the user. Whilst searching and analysing the various navigation systems, I found a couple of sites, which I would like to share the URLs with the web development fraternity, who may also be in search of site navigation systems: (A lot of trees with even checkboxes etc, besides the nodes)

ADO.NET Database Access

Accessing the databases has not been that more easy than in a .NET framework environment. Perhaps to make this more elegant and maintainable to access any database, here is a nice DAL application, based on factory design patterns.
Check it out:

My School Website (BETA Version)

Just was thinking about my alma mater and was trying to create a small personal homepage on it. Here it is with a new look, but see the subject or heading of this blog entry again. It is still in BETA.
Hence expect quite a lot of issues and feel free to shoot out the same as mail to me. I would try to address them.

The BETA URL is available below:

The older version still exists at but because of dependency on JavaScript menu and conflicts with the error messages in the AdScripts placed by the provider, quite a few of the pages break. Check out the newer version and do send your feedback.

ASP.NET WebSites

Websites powered by ASP.NET, harnessing its codebehind feature is really an amazing solution. Just I could not get much time to concenterate on my homepage and kept it sleeping for a while. Just got some free time now and tried to update the same in  Currently it seems to be a mirror of my Brinkster homesite.
Perhaps much of how the coding should be done is based on It discusses in depth about templated page design having one custom class and having other pages derive from it. Come Whidbey, I admit that this type of coding style would become obsolete, since Whidbey ships with what is called as Master Pages. Anyway, this is a startup coding effort me, thanks to

Check it out and do send me your feedback and comments on the same.Don't just get bored seeing it is the mirror of my current Brinkster Page. I have a different content on my school and some online educational stuff in my Brinkster website.

Email Remover -- A Quick-n-Handy Email Filter

How many times have you been confronted with a situation that warrants you waiting for a very important business mail and which is being blocked by a big MP3 attachment being carried forward. Since POP3 sessions have a lock enabled, there is no way out to open a different session and download the mails over separate sessions. Perhaps in those critical sessions, the following tool called EmailRemover, I hope would come in handy to bypass heavy mails or to purge them off the mailserver without getting into the hassles of downloading them.
I just tried to recall this tool out of a need since one big mail was blocking my POP3 downloads today morning. I was searching a bit for this URL and I remembered the author to be Victor Xavier. This URL has some information on the same:

And this has also been updated and an enhanced version is available from here:

Check it ou…

Security in the Internet

Connecting to the vast Internet via dialup or DSL is not a big thing and it takes only a few seconds. But then on, keeping your system free of viruses and prying eyes of hackers, who can compromise your business-critical data and confidential information is the real challenge that is before us. Perhaps a few days ago, I was sharing with you through this blog, when BlasterWorm was spreading high and low through the emails. Just came across, while casually surfing, about another firewall called ZoneAlarm, which is downloadable from
But this one has many flavors and editions like ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarmPro PestPatrol etc. The URL says Free ZoneAlarm Basic Internet Protection and the checklist that is hyperlinked to this document is really exhaustive and covers different security measures that ZoneAlarm …

JavaScript MouseOver ToolTips and Internet Explorer

We normally use JavaScript Tooltips and MouseOver DIV effects to show certain information when the user hovers the mouse over the particular hotspots  of the page. But we normally face the problem of our MouseOver effect getting back of certain type of controls like Dropdown, TextArea etc.
Of late, this had been a bit nagging issue with one of my pages and I was trying to make some workarounds like a hidden div and second stylesheet to make the control go back and it worked. Just I came across the following URL, which I hope would really be useful for many developers worldwide in a more elegant solution to this problem:

It uses a combination of the tricks that I have used like a DIV along with a IFRAME to achieve the purpose.

New and Easy HTML TextArea

Having a Rich Text Editor normally makes us to go for ActiveX Controls. I was searching out a couple of controls in the morning. And just came across the following freeware HTML TextArea, which I think would be very useful for developers of web applications worldwide.
Check out this URL:

It uses simple TextArea and a couple of JavaScript function calls to turn your ordinary plaintext HTML Textarea into a powerful Rich Text Box Control.

Keep watching your day-to-day activities

I was searching for some Reminder tool the other day and came across this nice tool called TODOList, which is also now listed in CodeProject. It saves the activities in Plain XML file format. And it stores all details in a tree-like hierarchy.
Each time, the application is started, it alerts the pending tasks of the day. Perhaps you can check out the freeware downloadable from:

Alternatively, it can be downloaded from: