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Quick Dictionary for your Applications

Just came across this site, and it gives Free Dictionary files and Dictionary Component, in full source code form. It can be integrated seemlessly into any application, whether WinForms or WebForms.
Perhaps the sample applications like TraySpell etc are useful for our day to day activities and spell checking from any application also. Check it out...

Easy To Use Package and Deployment Systems

Elegant Package and Deployment of applications has been the concern of people for long time. With the advent of Visual Studio, there was an easy 'Package and Deployment Wizard' with Microsoft Visual Basic. Then with Visual Studio .NET, there came, 'Setup and Deployment Wizard' project, which makes Package and Deployment a breeze.
But whilst searching in Google, I just came across this simple tool called NSIS -- NullSoft Scriptable Installation System, available from

Well! This comes under Open Source license. The beauty is an EXEcutable is made by simply writing a script file, which is so simple like our Windows/DOS batch files or Unix Shell Scripts. I was just browsing through NSIS website and it seems it also supports a wide spectrum of User Interfaces.

Perhaps, if someone was looking for a Scriptable Installation System, where one needs to put custom Scripting, than application supplied wizard…

Leadership Qualities for Personnel in Technical Domains

I was quite in tensed and depressed mood perhaps sometime last week. One of my friend sent me some URL and articles on leadership to keep me motivated and keep up the spirits. I really loved the Leadership Qualities for Personnel in Technical Domains that I almost spent that night till about 3:30 trying to understand it. It is really a very excellent piece of article. In fact, my heart-felt thanks to the author.  Perhaps this ten points on leadership, which I got via mail, I would like to share with the readers of my blog. Perhaps I would consider this as a kind of Ten Commandments for a Leader in Software Industry.   Out of my own interest and curiosity, I just went to google andput the the first line to find out where this content actually came from. It was from this URL:

1. BUSINESS LITERACYSoftware operations leaders who are now technology-oriented must increasingly see themselves as business leaders. To be business literate, leader…

Playing around with WebServices

Web Services have been a real useful and innovative stuff to bring in seamless integration of applications. With .NET Framework, WebServices are not just tools to implement and integrate heterogeneous and diversified applications, but also WebServices trigger more interest and tempt us to explore more on them, and assures us a definite promising solution to our business problems related to application integrations.
Well! That describes the usual bla bla! Don't worry! I am not going to bore you with that.  Perhaps you would have encountered a situation that .NET 1.1 now disables Web Service Post testing via Sample Forms generated for Internet Explorer. Of course, if we need, we can enable them back using Web.Config settings for the WebService application, but it not normally recommended on production servers.

But I just got hold of the following tool called Web Service Studio from, which provides an interactive GUI to manage with WebServices and also invoke WebMethod…

Avant Browser

I just came across this Free Web Browser Avant Browser which runs on top of Microsoft Internet Explorer and provides a compact interface to Web Browser. Instead of multiple windows of Internet Explorer, it has multi-tabbed interface and is really cool. Moreover, it has Google Search Engine builtin, which provides an additional advantage to the tool.
What's more? Avant Browser is a free tool too. Avant Browser is a free download from