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Free Online Study Material in .NET

Free Online Study Material in .NETMSDN is the best and ultimate reference for .NET documentation. Nevertheless, we always have a hardcopy book that we refer at home. How about extending this hardcopy book into Internet realm.  I came across a few websites provided by prolific authors of repute, who have put as a companion website for thier books.Check them out at:Vijay Mukhi (covers C#, VB.NET, visual Studio Introduction, ASP.NET, MSIL)Programming the .NET Compact Framework in C#

Your User's Geographic Map

Your User's Geographic MapIn a previous post, we were discussing about how to personalize the website and show content that is tailormade for each user that is visiting the website. The more essence of the website would be to make the website as close to his home as possible.It would be a delightful visit for the user, if we could present a map of the region from where he is actually visiting the website from.To plot a map of the region, is quite easy. Check out the following tools:Remotely Hosted:IP2Map. This website provides a map of the region from where the user is visiting.Source Downloads:IP Atlas: Check out this source download from and a demo is available from here.

Greet your visitors based on thier location easily...

Greet your visitors based on thier location easily...Personalizing a website for the visitor who is at the moment surfing your website is really an excellent and increases more number of returning visitors. Personalizing can be to any extent. Sky is the limit of personalizing the website to users' preferences and tastes. For example, My Yahoo and have high levels of personalizing to the user's tastes in terms of News, Music etc.To start with a minimum amount of personalization can be saying a 'Hi' to the user and show his country name. Sounds cool. Is'nt it? Read on...This actually works, since the web browser that the user is connecting to your server, would be sending an IPAddress of it and based on that, you can do some more checks to get all details. This indeed, involves a bit of network lookups and nameserver operations. A good news for free homepage webmasters too. Check out this website called IP2Phrase, which gives all these details by just placi…

Windows Live OneCare -- OneStop Protection for your Windows Desktop

Windows Live OneCare -- OneStop Protection for your Windows DesktopTired of fighting with viruses and managing conflicting security software on your workstation like Windows Firewall, McAfee Antivirus, Spyware from another vendor and so on and so forth. Microsoft Windows Live is bringing in a suite of products called Windows Live OneCare, which offers complete protection to your Windows Desktop in the form of Antispyware, Firewall, Antivirus, OneCare Backup and Restore, Automated Tuneup, Automated updates.Check out Windows Live OneCare from and there are excellent discount offers for beta users too.