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Showing posts from January, 2011

Fedora installation names and abbreviates my 'lavanyadeepak' very cute ...

My installation of Fedora linux with the default system name as 'lavanyadeepak' seems to be creating interesting abbreviations. Just thought would share this along here.

SuSe Linux Installation reminds me of the new SQLServer 2008 Installation Screen

The newer SuSE Linux installation screen with its left bar indicating the components and the right hand side the various actions reminds me of the SQL Server 2008's integrated installation screen of the various components. Just thought I would share this observation along.

The Three-Fingered Salute which starts a timer for me

This is what appears in my system when I press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Ubuntu seems to be helping the users to auto-shutdown in a minute if no action is chosen by the user within the stipulated period.

How to disable automatic screen locking in Ubuntu?

My default operating system through Virtual Box is Ubuntu 10 LTS. The catch is that when I work on host Windows for a while and ALT+Tab to my Virtual Box it gets locked and I have to  unlock. The simplest way of disabling the automatic locking is through the screensaver panel that is available from System -> Preferences Menu as illustrated in the screenshot below.