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Bug Trackers

Bug TrackersBugfree Software is a dream of any software house or enterprise. There are variety of ways in which the resilence of software can be measured. Mature and quality-oriented organizations ensure that testing goes hand-in-hand right from inception. Others who are driven by sales pitch try completing the software and then dedicate time for testing. This of course, would involve a percentage of rework to address various gaps and deficiencies in the application. Also, enterprises have different means of testing. A few organizations outsource testing completely to third party testing agencies. A few have in house dedicated team. Also, the software used to track the defects really plays a vital role in the efficiency of the product. Here we list a few good bug tracking software for the benefit of readers. Perhaps sometime later, either in the same post or as comments or as independant posts, let us try having an indepth review of each of them. For now, let us get started with the l…

"Windows Communication Foundation" Book-Gift Arrived

"Windows Communication Foundation" Book-Gift ArrivedThe cool new community participation gift ("Windows Communication Foundation") from a hyderabad based organization arrived promptly yesterday. I had a call from Eswar Book House confirming the address of delivery and after that the book arrived in twenty four hours.It was a sweet new book to explore on the new journey through the next generation programming.

Google NCR

Google NCRMost of you would be knowing about this trick in navigating to Google generic website. But I just came to know only a few days before and hence thought I would share the information with others too.
Whenever you type, Google automatically tries to redirect you to your country-specific website. For me, it always redirects to (Google India). But when we specifically want to navigate to Google Generic website for some reason, there are two ways to accomplish the same.Click the 'Go to' link at the bottom of the webpage that is displayed from prevent this redundant click, you can opt to type which would prevent the redirect from happening. The NCR stands for No Country Redirect. There is a brief discussion about this NCR over this forum.You may also like to check out Google help documentation regarding the country redirections from here.

Seamless Update to Applications

Seamless Update to ApplicationsAny software developer would be confronted with the daunting problem of application update particularly desktop client. I am sure that no one would be in the position to support endless loop of software products. There would be a definite backward compatibility limit.Fortunately, nowadays to make updates to applications seamless, easy to the user and hasslefree, there are a large number of easy ways. When I say 'easy', it is as easy as saying 1, 2, 3 for both the user and the software developer.Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) API and SharpBITS WrapperWeb Update WizardClickOnceNow, I think these smart application methods would bring in a new rejuvenated application development model among developers to develop time-proof and robust applications.

Renewal of Microsoft MVP Award

Renewal of Microsoft MVP Award

It was a pleasant surprise today morning to recieve an email from Microsoft MVPAward on their renewing my MVP for another year.

A few things to recall -- I have been MVP since 2003 respectively in the areas marked thereto:

2003-04: .NET Framework2004-05: C#2006-07: ASP/ASP.NET. 2007-08: Just got renewed. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Microsoft MVP selection team for considering my humble contributions towards this recognition. You can find my MVP Profile bieng linked to from the right navigation widget of this weblog.

Grand Prize Winner of Community-Credit June 2007 Contest

Grand Prize Winner of Community-Credit June 2007 ContestI am very glad to inform that I have been winner again and more as a Grand Prize Winner for the month of June 2007 in the Community Credit website. I have conquered the Grand Prize this month. This has been the second consecutive winning of the Grand Prize in Community-Credit contest following the March victory, followed by a two-month hibernation.You can check out other winners at this page of Community-Credit. [You need to select June 2007 in the month dropdown].There is more to laurels to win and milestones to conquer. Stay Tuned!