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Whois Windows Tool

I was trying to learn a bit of Sockets programming with C# and as a test tool, I have made a small opensource product called 'Whois Helper'. Check out the screenshot of the same below:

You can also grab a source of the same from Codeplex here. The tool has the following features in its first version: Built-in static database (embedded resource) of Whois servers for all TLDs in the world.An option for the user to override the built-in server and query the custom server.Optionally copy the output (automatically) to clipboard. Feel free to send me your comments, suggestions and criticisms on the same.

OpenDNS Utilities

OpenDNS is an amazing cloud based computing infrastructure where in you can configure your internet enabled devices to use that service and through the best engineered anycast DNS service by the team, you can ensure your living room is safe and secure from malware and unwanted websites.

I have made two small opensource utilities and have made the first draft of the same available through Codeplex (under Microsoft Public License). They are the following:
Codeplex Share URL: You just need to host it on your WAMP or anywhere and it would pick your address and update to Dns-o-Matic (and hence OpenDNS). This comes in handy similar to OpenDNS updater.When configuring OpenDNS on corporate laptops, it is a common problem that when we connect to our corporate networks, DNS configuration fails and we have to manually rollback the settings. Again we have to repeat the step in reverse when we are back at home. I have made a simple Windows Utility …