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Standardizing JavaScript Validations

Almost any web application we develop has a bit of JavaScript validations that we code into it. But it would really be a re-inventing of the same wheel putting the same logic over and over again. Also, it brings along with it, the difficulties of maintaining multiple code sets, consistency and a lot of problems. I was searching for some JavaScript validations and came across a JavaScript Validation library called fValidate which we can download for free from
The Validation Library is very customizable and you can also precisely say how do you want the error messages to be displayed like Scripting Alert Popup, inline DHTML Message (similar to ASP.NET RequiredFieldValidator and ValidationSummary for Microsoft Internet Explorer and uplevel browsers) etc.

Since this library is also a freeware downloadable and quite easy to configure, I hope it would be very useful for development fraternity of web-based applications worldwide.

Quick, Easy and Free Link Checker

The other day, I was searching for a Free Link Checking tool, which could navigate through all the links in the website and give me a summary of broken links, slow redirections etc. There are online services like NetMechanic, which do it for a free trial, but the number of pages that it serves in its free trial is relatively less and also is bit costly.
Just came across this free tool called Xenu, which is downloadable from

I hope that this tool would really be useful for web developers to check the links in thier applications and status of the external links, before releasing websites that they are developing. The tool has a nice provision to FTP the status reports to a particular server and store it there. Besides this, it also generates a well-formatted report, which also contains SiteMap for pages with valid titles.

MyIE2 -- Customized Web Browser

Just was casually surfing the web and I came across this web browser called 'MyIE2'. The About dialog says 'The Way We Surf the Web'. It really augments and enhances the way we surf the web as it says. It is really a cool Web Browser, quite similar to Avant Browser, which I was discussing with you, in this blog sometime back. Even this one is a freeware download and you can try the same from I  in fact have only the Lite version running in my system and even this is really cool. Check it out...

Refactoring Code

Refactoring is a technique to restructure code in a disciplined way. Perhaps Refactoring has a lot of WebLogs and articles published over the Web that your Search Engine should be able to take you around a tour of the same. Perhaps last week, I needed a tool to automatically maintain namespace organizations and other stuff. Perhaps I felt, that an automated tool would really serve the purpose, other than me doing it manually, which is error-prone.
I just came across the following site: 

It really has lots of information to be researched in depth. What's Cool. It adds itself as a Visual Studio .NET Addin, so that a separate program invocation is not required.
Well! While I was doing this research on Refactoring Tools, I came across Eclipse -- The Open Source J2EE Application Framework IDE.  Perhaps a study of Refactoring Concepts in Eclipse really helps one in understanding the concepts with more depth.

Perhaps sometime later, I would publish an arti…