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Locked out of OpenDNS

I was just playing around with my OpenDNS and a few security settings that I was trying out rendered myself locked out of OpenDNS. Then slowly figured it out and then relaxed the security settings. Interestingly the high security settings block even webmail, facebook, twitter and blogger.

Windows 7 File Preview

Not sure if this feature exists in other versions of Windows but I love the image being previewed of its thumbnail directly from within its file icon itself. See Windows 7 desktop of an image file below.Way to go!

Smoking is injurious to health. And so is abnormal powering off the computer …

Smoking causes irreparable damages to heart and lungs. There is a statutory warning that is printed in every cigarette packet indicating this. Furthermore there is also an age-restriction on who can purchase cigarettes. Even otherwise considering the amount of passive smoking we are subject to it is always better to have annual heart checks. Besides smoking restricting the amount of cholestrol and other fatty substances would ensure a hale and healthy heart.Perhaps Windows adopts this custom. A few things for a hale and healthy Windows are:Routine and Regular UpdatesNon-Pirated Software. It just costs another buck a difference for the bona fide software but gives you peace of mind and a great sense of satisfaction that you helped another software developer to earn towards his daily bread.Updated Antivirus SoftwareClean habits of like graceful shutdown instead of just pulling the plug out. Windows does have corrective habits just in case you pull the plug out. See the screen from my We…