Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Saturday, September 29, 2007

Musical Fest in Console namespace

Sometime back we were discussing about the power and prowess of Console Applications. Perhaps this post would be a followup of the same. A few of you who might have worked in either GWBasic or QBasic would have known about the three powerful commands there:

BEEP: Produces a short shirk beep from the computer speaker
SOUND freq, duration: Produces sound of frequency freq for dur milliseconds
PLAY Plays a musical note from your computer speaker.

I was just wondering whether this is not going to be supported at all after QBasic from Visual Basic onwards. It is a good news that .NET Framework 2.0 Base Class Library supports System.Console.Beep equivalent to SOUND in QBasic. Check out the MSDN documentation for the song 'Mary had a little lamb ...'

Sometime back when I started venturing into this musical power, I posted a question in one of the forums and I even got lot of library references as responses. I would like to give the permalink of the discussion thread for readers reference here:

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