Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Saturday, June 04, 2011

Blogdrive is a cool blog platform for novices and beginners. I have started to blog there around 2001 and then went ahead to diversify my blogs across Google Blogger and Wordpress. Whilst it endeavours to fulfil most of the bloggers' needs a few advanced features like 'Bulk Import', 'Bulk Export' when you want to backup the blog and restore it etc are amiss. This has been confirmed in a Wordpress forum too where people suggest to use Moveable Type format as an intermediate.  I have also briefly explained about this my new travelog over here.

The other way what I could suggest though a bit rudimentary would be to use the archive URL and download the contents to your local storage. A quick lines of code for the same using PHP would be as below:

Please note that I am using a system command called 'wget' to download the remote file. This is a built-in command for (Ubuntu) Linux and also the path format is a typical Unix. This is just a startup idea. There are a lot of things to improve that you can do and help yourself:

  • If it is a 404 error page you can filter out the file from being preserved in the local path.

    HINT: I think 404 page would not have the normal contents but 'Hello Mister' as one of the strings.
  • A nice GUI with a progress bar perhaps using PHP GTK :)

  $blogdriveBaseURL = "";
  $howmanyposts = 400; //You can get this from your dashboard
  $localpathtosave = "/home/lavanyadeepak/Desktop/blogdrive/"; //Local Path where you want to save the contents

  for ($j=0;$j<=$howmanyposts;$j++)
     echo "Downloading post $j
     $downloadcommand = "wget --quiet -O $localpathtosave$j.html $blogdriveBaseURL$j.html";
     echo "Download of $j complete

  echo "All downloads complete. Thank you for using Blogdrive Downloader

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