Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An elegant shortcut for encrypted todolists ...

I have been using the following tool called Todolist to manage and streamline my tasks along with the various date and time. When we use our tasklists on a shared computer, the tool also comes with great features like encrypted tasklists where you need to punch in your tasklist password when the list is opened. The entire tasklist is stored in the XML file be it encrypted or not. Hence if you forget the password, there is no way to recover the tasklist.

However, there was one issue with the encrypted tasklist. Once the tasklist gets opened, even tabbing across the various tasklists or minimizing/restoring the tasklist would popup the 'Password' dialog. This would be a way-bit nagging right. I just posted on the forum and one other user was kind enough to guide me with the -x switch which would ensure that the password is asked only once per session (at the start when the file is decrypted and opened). From thereon, till the application or the list is closed and opened, the password never gets demanded.

For example, if your todolist file is mytasks.xml or mytasks.tdl which you have opted for encryption, the mode of invocation of todolist to use the one-time password demand would be:

D:/todolist.exe -x mytasks.xml
D:/todolist.exe -x mytasks.tdl

(I assume, in this syntax, that my todolist is in the root folder of volume D)

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