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JavaScript Crunchers

JavaScript Crunchers

Great care is being taken by enterprises to safeguard thier intellectual properties. They also take greatest of pains in ensuring that the application is fast loading on all types of Internet Pipes. Nevertheless, there is one big open channel. JavaScript. Scripting content goes in plain text and with more amount of text content, they present a significiant load on the Internet pipe. While there are commercial solutions offered to even obfuscate and encrypt, they do present problems for cross browser decrypting and long term maintenance. The relative tradeoff and middle tier solution would be Crunching the JavaScript files.

I would like to share a few JavaScript crunchers over here:

  1. CFoster Javascript Cruncher
  2. Brainjar Cruchinator

We would here review in brief about them and the modus operani adopted therein.

  1. Simple parsing using regular expressions to remove comments
  2. Newlines are removed and hence the entire function now occupies a single line when done a ViewSource.
  3. Unnecessary Whitespaces are removed.

There are a few caveats using the crunchers. Since newlines are removed, scripts if they are not properly delimited by semicolon might break. Hence take a backup of those scripts before running a cruncher on them.


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Google NCR

Google NCRMost of you would be knowing about this trick in navigating to Google generic website. But I just came to know only a few days before and hence thought I would share the information with others too.
Whenever you type, Google automatically tries to redirect you to your country-specific website. For me, it always redirects to (Google India). But when we specifically want to navigate to Google Generic website for some reason, there are two ways to accomplish the same.Click the 'Go to' link at the bottom of the webpage that is displayed from prevent this redundant click, you can opt to type which would prevent the redirect from happening. The NCR stands for No Country Redirect. There is a brief discussion about this NCR over this forum.You may also like to check out Google help documentation regarding the country redirections from here.

Elegant 'MailTo' Replacement

Elegant 'MailTo' Replacement

MailTo tags have become a bane to all websites since spammers run spam robots which crawl the web to capture the email addresses, add to their catalogs and send spams to them. I just thought of sharing with others a simple JavaScript function which would trigger open the default email client instead of having mailto: embedded in the HTML Page.

Just have the following function included in your webpage

<script language='Javascript'>
function WriteMailTo(user,domain)
location.replace ('mailto:'+user+'@'+domain);

And whereever you want to invoke the mailto, just called WriteMailTo('user','') and the user's default email client should be launching (if configured) without any hassles.

Contacts import utility from Web2Project to Addressbook

I have been using Web2Project for planning my personal and professional tasks for a few years now. Now I have bifurcated the tools into the following:

Project PierAddress Book The only issue I had was to import my addressbook from Web2Project to AB. PP is a different animal. It does not serve as a comprehensive candidate for addressbook and hence I needed this bifurcation. 
I wrote up a following simple script to import the contacts to AB. The pre-requisite for this script is to hop on to PhpMyAdmin, export the contacts as a PHP array and then  modify the path in our import script to whatever you downloaded from PhpMyAdmin.
Our import script would explode the entries as SQL scripts into the browser window. Copy them and execute into PhpMyAdmin AB database to have the contacts imported.

Script URL: