Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Friday, January 11, 2008

Website Whois Database and Privacy Protection
Among one of the many ways that spammers harvest email addresses and contact info of persons is to use the Whois Database of websites. Whois lookup of any website is intended to provide three types of contacts like the following:

  1. Administrative Contact
  2. Technical Contact
  3. Billing Contact
Of late, spammers have also been known to run automated programs on whois databases to harvest contact info from these. A number of registrars have deployed little to more innovative schemes to thwart this attempt. I remember, GoDaddy, used to provide a CAPTCHA initially for any lookup.
I had to help a friend to register and start his website sometime last week. During the process, I had discovered a new webservice called PrivacyProtect, which helps to mask all the contact info. However, if you genuinely need to contact the domain owner, then you can go to PrivacyProtect website and use the domain name to contact them. And more, this service seems to be free. So, I would recommend that we all should try using this service to contain the malicious efforts of spammers.

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