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Project Management Course in Chennai by PMAC

Project Management Course in Chennai by PMAC

I recieved a newsletter from PMAC (Project Management Advanced Center) regarding a four-day workshop on Project Management, in conformance with Project Management Institute (PMI) of USA. I would like to share the details with other interested readers for thier benefit.

Course Contents:



Introduction to the 'Guide to PMBOK'

Project Management Framework

Project Life Cycle and Organization

Global Standard for Project Management of a Project





Initiation Process Group

    • Develop Project Charter
    • Develop Preliminary Scope Statement

Planning Process Group

    • Scope Planning
    • Scope Definition
    • Create WBS

Comprehension Assessment Session

(Interactive pattern)



    • Activity Definition
    • Activity Sequencing
    • Activity Resource Estimating
    • Activity Duration Estimating
    • Schedule Development
    • Quality Planning
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Communications Planning
    • Risk Management planning
    • Risk Identification
    • Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Quantitative Risk Analysis
    • Risk Response Planning


Develop Project Management Plan


Execution Processes

    • Direct and Manage Project Execution
    • Quality Assurance
    • Acquire Project Team
    • Develop Project Team
    • Information Distribution


Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

    • Performance Reporting
    • Manage Stakeholders
    • Monitor & Control Project
    • Integrated Change Control

Comprehension Assessment Session

(Interactive pattern)



Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

    • Scope Verification
    • Scope Control
    • Schedule Control
    • Cost Control
    • Perform Quality Control
    • Manage Project Team
    • Risk Monitoring and Control
    • Contract Administration

Closing Process Group

    • Contract Closure
    • Close Project

Group Discussion on Course Leanings and Setting up

Action Agenda for Future Way of Managing Projects.

Comprehension Assessment Session

(Interactive pattern)

The organizers have given the following address in the newsletter for contact and registration:

Mrs.Pranava Latha–Business Manager - PMAC
Flat No: 401,
Sreemaan Vikas Residency,
Plot No.135 A,
Street No1 ,Lane No 2,
Teacher's Colony,
East Marredpally ,
Secunderabad-500 026

Course fee:

Rs 15,000/- per participant, plus 12.24% service tax effective from 18th April 2006.

The total course fee amounts to Rs.16,836/-(inclusive of taxes).For the month of February we have a special discount for individual nomination as stated in the beginning of this mail. We have special discount   for corporate nominations ie. for a group of 2,3,4/5  participants.

Group of 2  participants :             5% discount

Group of 3-4       "           :          15% discount

Group of 5 or more    "       : 20% discount


Date and Time: February 8 to February 11 (0930 to 1730) at Hotel Grand Orient in Chennai (near Anand Theater)


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