Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dreaded Virus/Trojan Attacks -- Thwart Defeated!

It had been rather painful days of slow connection since most of the Internet bandwidth was being used by mysterious viruses and trojans in my system. This is a fresh new PC and I still surprised how just hooking on to the network can bring in plethora of virus infections in a jiffy. I could recall two devastating viruses that took a significant chunk of time last week. They are:

  1. AntiVir XP. This is famous of presenting false positive messages like 'Your system is infected with spyware'. It goes to the extent of setting a wallpaper on the desktop with this nagware alert and popping up a system tray message every two minutes
  2. InfoStealer.Banker.C. This collects information from the compromised computer and sends to an unknown Russian domain website.

This sends a flag of warning to us that whenever we have a new system configured, the first and foremost software that needs to go in are the Security and Antispyware software. I recommend the following tools from which helped me in cleaning up my system:

  1. Web Security Guard
  2. Spyware Terminator

We may think that the system security process is cumbersome and is unnecessary. But if the system is infected the downtime and remedy is still more cumbersome. Prevention is better than cure right?

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