Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Chrome -- A Revolutionary New Browser

The browser wars are going to be hotter with Google putting its new kid (Chrome) into the forefront. Just about a week back, Google seemed to have launched their innovative browser software called 'Google Chrome'.

I just thought I would try it out a bit and write a few points about the same for the benefit of other readers:

  1. Quicker download
  2. Smaller memory footprint
  3. The Addressbar itself is a little search companion now. :)
  4. Speedier and Faster browsing of web pages
  5. Desktop shortcuts for Web Pages
  6. Thumbnails for websites
  7. Browser Task Manager: No more erring websites can crash your entire browser. Now Google Chrome offers you a choice to kill the particular tab alone which is causing trouble
  8. In Cognito browsing mode to prevent URLs from being recorded onto your browser history bar.
  9. Strict and Safe browsing against wandering into dangerous websites.
  10. One of the link in Google Chrome says about a new JavaScript engine called V8 powering chrome. Check out more about V8 here.

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