Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Sunday, March 19, 2006

Elegant Data Access Strategies in .NET

Thanks to ADO.NET, database access and management has never been easy and a breeze. We have high speed managed providers without much of resource consumption. All resource management are being managed by CLR.

The default support of database access in .NET is like

  1. SQLServer
  2. Oracle
  3. Generic OLEDB
  4. Generic ODBC

But it would be a better strategy for us to have a Data Access Layer, which is shortly known as DAL in programming world, which would have the complete onus in talking to the database and returning the results, instead of having each of our modules talk to the database.  This way, in future,if wanted to make some performance improvements to the database access, the changes are restricted to one particular area instead of having this spill out through out the application.

Perhaps, I would like to recommend to the readers, the following URLs which we researched upon in Database Access Layers. We also have our own GDN (GotDotNet) Workspace. If you are interested to contribute some effort, please do drop in.

  1. Full Database Abstraction Layer Generator by Jonathan De Halleux
  2. DotNetEmpire -- GotDotNET (GDN) Community Workspace by Vasudevan Deepak Kumar

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