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Product Companies -- Good Lexical Compelling Ads

Product Companies -- Good Lexical Compelling Ads

Yesterday while travelling to workplace from Tambaram to Guindy, I saw a new advertisement near Velacherry put up by Aspire Systems. I know of some really good friends in Aspire, which is currently located near Siruseri Information Park in Chennai. You can also see a lot of employee transportation facilities that are offered by Aspire running through out the length and breadth of the city round-the-clock. Well! Coming to the main point of discussion, the most impressive word that caught my attention in the Aspire's Hoarding in Velacherry was 'Producteering'.

Product companies vie with one another to provide innovative, captivating, enthralling and enticing products coupled with very compelling marketing for the same. More than project based development, product development, in a way involves more strategic effort from both the development and marketing. They have go in a very harmonious fashion to capture the market, as I myself learnt from my brief sojourn at Synaptris Decisions. Of course, I tasted the fruits of product development even while at C S Software long back, but the product-ship there wrecked no sooner it set on its sail due to various internal factors.

Well! Coming to the main line discussions, even Santosh shared me another interesting and compelling product development buzzword -- Productization.  There is nothing review or like that involved in this post nor any significant material. Just wanted to share the interesting buzzwords that are associated with product development. You may like to check out for Hot BuzzWords in technology.

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