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Password Managers

Password Managers

How many times you have been faced with the piquant situation of forgetting a password and trying to retrieve one frantically? Particularly with the plethora of passwords to remember across this is becoming chaotic.

There is a good move among the giants to bring in common signon networks like Microsoft Passport (Windows LiveID), Lycos Passport, AOL ScreenName, Yahoo ID, Google Accounts etc. But since there are little to big sites which have thier own registration besides the countless number of web and windows applications having diversified passwords and logon credentials that we are forced to remember each day.

There have been a good number of password manager applications. I would like to mention about a couple of them which I feel are really good and comprehensive in the goal that they are trying to address and accomplish.

  1. Keepass: It is described in the website as an opensource password info. You can download the source and also try to enhance it for your own needs. It even features clipping and pasting logon credentials to appropriate websites assisted by plugins.
  2. Password Minder: It is a .NET tool, also an opensource tool which generates and maintains passwords for you. It is from PluralSight. It has a rich master password encryption. Do not forget the master password otherwise the data


Marco Barulli said…
Using a password manager is not merely convenient, it’s an effective way to adopt better security practices without too much stress. It basically sums up to: 1) never re-use the same password, 2) use strong passwords.

But if you are going to use multiple strong and complex passwords you can't remember all of them and you definitely need a password manager.

Software products like Keepass are certainly an option, but you could also consider a web based solution.
(Yes, I’m a tad biased …)

Clipperz is an online password manager that can do much more than simply storing your passwords.
- ubiquitous access
- direct login to online services
- offline version
- bookmarklet for quick data entry
- nothing to install or backup
- …

It’s free and completely anonymous.

Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded.

The key for the encryption process is a passphrase known only to you.
Clipperz simply hosts your sensitive data in encrypted form and could never actually access the data in its plain form.

For any further information refer to our website:

Clipperz co-founder

Thank you for dropping by and sharing the Online Password Manager solution. I am sure this would be a great Single SignOn Solution for anyone for thier personal credential and identity management in a secure way.

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