Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Sunday, September 30, 2007

[Review] Todolist -- Elegant Task Management Freeware Utility

I have been using a little freeware called 'Todolist' from Dan G's AbstractSpoon Software for a long time. Just thought I would write a small review on the same so that other people too would know about it and I am sure this would improve the productivity of the task that is being delivered by them.

As I said, I am using this little tool since more than four to five years now even from the days of my very previous organization. As the homepage says, it helps you to streamline the tasks that you are doing so that you don't tend to forget anything. Even though it is a freeware, it is packed with features and the most comprehensive support that you can expect on earth. You can just visit Todolist homepage to see the responses from the users and as well from the author of the software itself.

A quick list of its features as bullet-points would help describe the elegance and greatness of software more than anything else:

  1. A simple listing of tasks that are to be performed by the user. There is also a column for 'User'  so a simple todolist supports multiple users as well. But I use it mostly for my own purpose.
  2. Pretty simple Visual C++ Code and is available i OpenSource format. It is available in Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License and I am sure Visual C++ developers would love seeing the code of the application and learn various features of Visual C++.
  3. The data is stored in simple XML format so that there is no risk of data corruption or loss. Optionally, you can use an Encryption plugin to encrypt the data and save too. I store it plain format in my desktops and as encrypted in web storage.
  4. Comprehensive Filter, Find (Search) and Sorting.
  5. With the latest advent of Tab Browsing, Todolist also supports Tabbed format of multiple Todolist.

So I just thought as a token of appreciation of me using Todolist, let me also have a small review of the same for the benefit of other readers in starting to use the same.

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