Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get habituated to using Delete and not Shift+Delete

One of my friend got the habit of using Shift+Delete always instead of Delete. Windows has the good habit of moving the files to recycle bin when using Delete*, so that in case you discover that the deletion is inadvertant and/or accidental, you always have an opportunity to resurrected the eliminated entity from the Recycle Bin/Trash Can^. Once he ran into deleting an important application folder and he had to spend countless hours in troubleshooting the system repairing it and reinstalling the application besides the untold misery of recovering the data from backup and a little re-work in making up the loss due to his negligence and overlookup.

Let us try and make use of builtin Windows safeguard+ for our file system entities.

*Does not work for removable drives and network volumes.
+You may also debate that over a period of time, there might be disk full conditions because of temp drive space. There are the following workarounds for the same. You can periodically run through a space reclamation process on your temp volumes. You can read through my recent experience in a periodic disk space reclamation process.

^ Please note that Recycle Bin is not an infinite Sink. Recycle Bin can be configured a single per centage space for all disk drives or as a percentage of space in each disk volume. When there is no space available to hold the deleted items, the DELETE automatically behaves like SHIFT+DELETE and Windows would throw a warning message similar to this effect. You may also observe a similar warning message for Internet Explorer, Inbox icon in Deskop.

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