Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who said stringent UI validations only make rock solid applications?

If you get to believe the false hope that making stringent and amateurish javascript validations like 'Please enter your name', 'Your name contains embedded spaces and is invalid', it means that your developers need more user-friendliness training and your application architect is inviting trouble for passing off such shabby designs.

There are cases where the name field should be able to take first name and middle initials and the best design would be to allow intermediate spaces too. Similarly, allow free form telephone number instead of masking them country wise since there are cases where phone numbers are shared with a pilot number by an organization and extension number might be the only way to route calls. is a very good example of having usernames with embedded spaces since migration of their old login system to new one. They have pleasant script validations which don't scare you with popup message boxes but just flag the required fields.

It all lies in the robust backend design and not childish JavaScript validation. Let us try to cultivate healthy and user-friendly validation methods like the site above.

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