Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CTRL+Z (keyboard accelerator for Undo) is by far the most commonly used feature in text editors of all breeds. Whilst the tab browsing environments have brought in ‘Undo Close Tabs’ as an option for some reason the specified menu item has not got attached the legendary CTRL+Z keyboard accelerator.

Some more CTRL+Zs that are being aspired for:

  1. Windows desktop itself should have a more comprehensive CTRL+Z so that if we close any ([windows]explorer) window it can be resurrected with this option.
  2. There used to be an evergreen dialogue of Late Writer ‘Sujatha’ Rangarajan in the box-office hit movie ‘Mudhalvan’ which goes as below “வாழ்க்கையிலும் VCR-ல இருக்கறது மாதிரி ஒரு rewind button இருந்தா எவ்வளவு நல்லா இருக்கும்”

    The rewind button is something similar to CTRL+Z (Undo) option in desktops.

Whilst the first option is a feature request for Microsoft, the god of the software world, the second option is a feature request for Time and the Trinity, the universal lifeliners.

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