Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debug.WriteLine to the rescue of 'e is not declared but not used ...'

While using C# as our prime programming language and with try catch statement, we often end up having a compiler warning like the exception variable is declared but not used. Having a compiler warning is like dangerous since we saw sometime back that we should treat compiler warnings as errors as a good programming practice. But in this case, to handle this elegantly, we can make use of System.Diagnostics namespace which has a class called Debug

//Your code block ...
catch (ApplicationException ee)
Debug.WriteLine (ee.Message);

By default, Debug.WriteLine is wired to your output window of Visual Studio IDE and hence this would also be easing your debugging effort. I hear that a few would be thinking that we can use catch without the parenthesis. I strongly discourage this practice since during debugging and if you are to examine the exception, this becomes a little trickier.

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