Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Bad IE! No donuts for you!!

In reasons more than one, I feel that Internet Explorer is no longer a trusted web browser in my desktop. At least the following reasons I see and prefer Mozilla Firefox strongly. I am not offending other software but the quality of the web browser is fast deteriorating.

  1. Sometimes after typing a long long post when you submit, just to present that weird 'Action Canceled' page, it just forgets the form posting. When you reload the page, the website would say there is no contents submitted and we have to fill the form again. Interestingly, when you hit the back button, you would only be presented with 'Page Expired'.

    At least today, the sluggish slow Internet Connection made me to retype a blog post two times. And FireFox, automatically reposts after a confirmation.
  2. Internet Explorer supports ActiveX and sometimes when malicious websites are able to implant malicious software, you can not confidently navigate to bank and other important websites.
Internet Explorer 8 seems to be promising but it is still in beta. Let us wait and see how it is going to turn up!

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