Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Thursday, October 09, 2008

Internet Explorer Vs FireFox -- A quick Web Surfer's Review

I just thought I would share a few points that I came across with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and FireFox. When I say latest versions, I am using the RTM and not the BETA products for consideration.

  1. Both the web browsers support tabbed browsing. But when you right click and choose 'Open in New Tab', IE squeezes the new tab adjacent to the same tab whilst FireFox creates the tab at the end of the tab panel.
  2. When I keep using CTRL+F4 to close all the tabs, FF ignores the key when only one tab is open. However, IE mimics the key as ALT+F4 for the single tab and closes the window itself.
  3. IE is rather sluggish to start when it has a lot of toolbars installed and you can observe a lot of screen jumps before we actually can type in the content/address bar into the web browser. FF is rather more responsive in this approach.
  4. When tabs crash the browser, FF gives an option to restore the tabs on next start whereas this crash recovery is mysteriously missing in Internet Explorer.
  5. When attemtping to close the browser with multiple tabs, FF additionally gives an option to restore the tabs on next startup as part of the confirmation window. This feature is absent in Internet Explorer.
  6. Developer Aides:
    1. Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer
    2. FireBug for FireFox
  7. Html Rich Text Area normally works like a charm in Internet Explorer but FireFox shortcuts and configuring them is little involved process.
  8. Updates are simpler and faster with FireFox but by virtue of complex setup of Internet Explorer, it is rather an involved process.
  9. Support Channels:
    1. Internet Explorer Newsgroup as part of Microsoft Communities
    2. FireFox Forums

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  1. Anonymous says:

    #1-The tabbed browsing setting to which you are referring to is the default setting and can be changed so that the newest tab opens to the far right instead of next to the current one.

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