Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gone are the days when email services offered you peanut storage like 2 mega bytes etc. Now the minimum attachment size that is decently allowed itself is 10 mega bytes (almost five times the storage capacity once it was). With these there is a new revolution creeping in – rhyming names.

Yahoo has brought in a service called ‘YMail’ to rhyme with ‘GMail’. They have also rejuvenated their old ‘Rocketmail’ (which was the seed of Yahoo Mail) but then got shelved off in 1999.

Google Mail (alternatively called as GMail outside Europe) brings with it a power of search and innovation from the search giant at Mountain View, CA.

Windows Live Hotmail – though at times UI may make you look like drivels they are consistent in their offerings. Infinite storage with 10 mega byte attachments and 25 giga bytes from SkyDrive storage seems to be a good one for any individual. However a seamless interactivity of Skydrive and Webmail seems to be missing. Nevertheless Office Web Apps and Webmail has now got wedded. has its own indigenous compiled JavaScript and smooth interface. Just 5 Gigs but a lot of services to try out for a starter to medium user.

There are also a few experimental jokers in the field:

  1. IndiaTimes for example that loads a crap of advertisements into your mailbox and resembles like yet another desi p0rnography website with so much popups and popunders under the pretext of advertising.
  2. Zoho – calling itself as SOHO (Small Office Home Office) provider claims to  have innovative features and fanatic support. But they strictly fail on the privacy fronts. The simple programmer seems to have a complete access of the mailbox.  Nevertheless the interface seems to  be good so at least for ‘dirty’ emails, I use this.
  3. Zapak an email website by a gaming portal – An email service by a non-webmail industry. So on the very first occasion of problem they may turn into a fly-by-night operator.
  4. Gawab – promises a good storage however on a few litmus tests with discussion forums failed.

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