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Zoho Project -- Online Project Management Suite

Zoho Project -- Online Project Management Suite

I just thought of writing a small review on Zoho Project, which strives to support one project for free in the free version and more projects as per plan purchased for higher versions. At least for startup and small companies, freelancers this would be a great boon. Here goes a brief review on what Zoho Project strives to achieve.

  1. The standard single signon of Zoho enables use of Zoho Project also
  2. The Free Plan entitles you to manage one project over its complete lifecycle. The plans only limit the number of projects but does not seem to limit any features in it whatsoever.
  3. Granular Management of Tasks in the Project
    1. It supports grouping up of related tasks into a tasklist to track deadlines
  4. Flexible Project Document Management
    1. Upload and maintain documents along with the project
    2. Edit documents in hosted sister services like Zoho Writer and other office productivity suites from Zoho
    3. Supports versioning of documents
    4. Tag support for document to facilitate faster searching and retrieval at a later point of time
  5. Time Tracking
    1. Flexible and clearer time tracking enabled for all team members in the project
    2. Timesheet and billing can be linked to Zoho Invoice
  6. Reports using Gantt Chart to assess progress of the project
  7. Notifications of deadlines by email
  8. Support for archival of older projects
  9. Web-based management of the entire project


PM Hut said…

Have you used another Project Management tool before using Zoho?

The reason I'm asking is maybe you can write a comparative article between Zoho and your previous tool.

On a similar note, I have an excellent article about the ideal project management tool. The article mainly focuses about the collaboration aspect.
Godzhesas said…
I've tried Zoho Projects before, but yet i didn't like it, so i was looking, some of my favourtite ones that i have used and
Anonymous said…
I started using the project office free version and find it very intuitive and useful with no feature or project limitations. I guess that @godzhesas had in mind the same tool, but he got the URL wrong. It is
This is fascinating! I had not heard of any of these programs before. However, some of the additional features in these online project management software may help me even more.

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