Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Friday, December 01, 2006


If you have used PHP, you would simply get enthralled by the excellent set of database connectivity libraries that are shipped with the installer itself. The comprehensive documentation that you get and that too from the local country mirror to facilitate a superfast download all add crowning feathers' to the cap of PHP.

I have been using PHP since about for three years and have been recommending it to many. I have also architect a full-fledged value-chain management product for an Ambur-based leather tannery sometime in 2002-03. The only downside is that database connectivity API go like mysql_Connect and hence at the later point of time, if you wish to change the database, this might warrant a code change.

The more elegant approach would be to have a database abstraction layer. Being an opensource development effort, there are a lot of database abstraction libraries for PHP. Some of the applications like Phprojekt have thier own full-fledged database abstraction layers but have customized to the product-line. A few more are generic and have been listed here:

  1. ADODB Database Abstraction Library for PHP and Python
  2. Pear DB Abstraction Library

I personally feel that ADODB library is very friendly for developers hailing from Windows background since the syntax would be similar to ASP style. It is also part of a huge enterprise application server product line called PhpLens.

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